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We are changing the course of our industry. Help us set the direction.

We want you to help define our collective future and show us the best way forward.

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Go further

We appreciate a go-to attitude and empower an entrepreneurial mindset that sets things in motion.

Meet Mohamed Soliman

Mohamed is working as Senior Category Manager, Procurement in our Headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

“DFDS is a flat and slim organization which enables me to interact across all levels in the organization and get to know in more detail what is happening in other departments. I am learning a lot about other departments that gives me a holistic perspective of our business.” ​ 

Mohamed explains:

“While handling a wide range of categories, I get to meet and work with so many people internally and externally. I support HR colleagues who are very people-oriented, finance who are more analytical and so on across all the categories and geographical locations for DFDS. I am also participating in the student worker mentor program, which is developing my coaching and mentoring skills.” 

“I love the diversity of my projects, from long-term projects that could take up to a year to quick projects that we close in a couple of weeks. Last year I had a big focus on facility management and marketing. This year, I had big projects for payment solutions, insurance, and HR. Never time to get bored because there are always new things.” 

“DFDS has a great collaborative environment. I always see colleagues doing their best for DFDS and not focusing on a personal agenda.“

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Meet Malin Persson

Malin is Head of Commercial Excellence and Industries Strategy, and she recently moved from Sweden to Denmark and is now working from our Headquarters in Copenhagen. 

“DFDS is a large organisation spread across Europe, and we are growing. That comes with many opportunities within different geographies, departments, and areas.​ 

​I have a development plan that I am revisiting and reviewing several times per year – both with my manager and my Buddies in the Horizon program – to ensure that I am progressing according to the plan. We are setting tough but achievable goals and developing plans to ensure I get the prerequisites to achieve them. My manager is pushing me outside my comfort zone to ensure I am constantly developing. That implies that my work is fun and challenging at a level that suits me.​ 

People at DFDS are genuine and supportive. If they cannot help you, they open the door for you somewhere else. We respect each other and listen to each other’s opinions. Secondly, I feel that my tasks relate to DFDS' overall strategy and that my work creates value for the whole of DFDS. Finally, I need to say that I like that things are moving forward in DFDS. There is an openness for trying things out and developing new areas, making DFDS an inspiring employer!”

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