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We embrace new ideas and the latest tools and technology

to help us towards a greener and more digitised operation.

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Your bright solutions will help define us​

We believe in impactful ideas - take responsibility and challenge the boundaries we set.

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Our tech-stack, your next move

Define your own and our collective future by working with the latest tools and technology.

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Be yourself. Be part of the team

Your individuality will help us thrive. ​ Be a valued member of a diverse team at DFDS and help drive change together.

Meet Irmak Demir

Irmak is a Product Owner and Team Lead Customer Connectivity in Logistics Tribe in Technology & Innovation, working in our Headquarter in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“For me Technology & Innovation is consisted of a friendly work environment where we keep hierarchy to a minimum; we all know one another and are encouraged to share our ideas on different topics regardless of our experience in it. Everyday life is unpredictable, so we need to make decisions fast but we never forget to have fun while overcoming our challenges.

To work in developing digital integration solutions, which we can see and measure the direct effect of our work on our stakeholders, makes my everyday job appealing and exciting, and it excites me to empower my colleagues to use their time to improve the logistics solutions we offer to our customers instead of manual processes.

I value working with open-minded colleagues and management where I am given different opportunities along my DFDS journey. We are always welcoming to new ideas and suggestions which facilitates enhancing the collaboration and productivity along our mutual goal. This working style also enables us to accelerate in self-development with different skill sets. We listen to each other and are open to feedback which is the backbone of DFDS’s culture in my opinion.”

Irmak Demir, Careers T&I testimonial

Meet Japnam Singh

Japnam is a backend developer in Technology & Innovation in our passenger Tribe, in our Headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

"The most exciting part for me working in DFDS is developing innovative solutions to make life easier for our users/customers."

For future colleagues, Japnam highlights that:

“The work culture is really good. It’s really flexible, inclusive and agile. There are a lot of opportunities to learn – and there are a lot of smart people around.”

about/career-office, Japnam Singh

Meet Iryna Rohachova

Iryna is working as a Business Analyst in the Core Transformation & Integrations tribe in Technology & Innovation and she is working in Istanbul, Turkey.

“To work in Technology & Innovation at DFDS feels like a big international family. Sometimes you can agree or disagree, but anyway, everyone is ready to cover you back. A variety of excellent mindsets and experiences cannot be underestimated. For example, in our team of EDI Analysts for seaways - we are four with totally different cultural and professional backgrounds from Denmark, Turkey, Ukraine and the Philippines and if you ask me, it is a great advantage which brings flexible and unique perception professionally wise.”

Iryna highlights that the best part of her job is communication with colleagues across DFDS:

“With each new challenge and request which we receive as a team, I am convinced that there is always something new to learn in order to offer the most effective solution. By collecting a valuable variety of knowledge from my colleagues, I can create a general picture to result it in a product. It is worth it to be called “exciting”.

“It feels that in DFDS, you will never be able to say “Okay, now I know everything” and I think that it is great. At the same time, due to internal transparency and agility, work-life balance is perfectly maintained, which is, in my opinion, vital for effectivity and healthy mindset.”

Iryna Rohachova, Careers, T&I testimonial

Take a look at our annual Technology & Innovation conference, where we gathered onboard the ferry sailing from Copenhagen to Oslo for 2,5 days filled with inspiring talks and team activities. We hope you will join us for the next one!