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Keep things moving and enjoy the freedom and satisfaction of delivering when it matters.

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about/career-driver, Card 1 We move things on

We move things on, together

We value you as a vital part of the critical infrastructure - and an equal member of DFDS.

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Meet work on your own terms​

We’ll support you on your journey and create the conditions that make it enjoyable.

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Enjoy the freedom to take responsibility​

We trust that you’ll find the best solutions to get things done.​

Meet Slavisa Kristiansen

Slavisa is working as a driver in our Cold Chain in Denmark.

“The most exciting about my job is to be involved from the beginning of this new transition to using E-trucks. It is completely new to DFDS to be using e-trucks, so we pave the asphalt at the same time as we drive, which is an exciting challenge.” 

The driving experience is also something, that Slavisa highlights:

“The first thing you notice when driving an electric truck is how quiet it is. There is no noise. It pulls well up hills, and you can feel that it is a truck full of power. Every night I charge the truck and again once a day in a supercharger and our routes are adapted so that we can get a charge before it runs out.” 

When we ask Slavisa what new colleagues could expect joining DFDS, he says:

“It's great to be a driver at DFDS because I feel there is great freedom and responsibility. Good colleagues everywhere – both in the trucks and in the offices. Everyone is helpful. Furthermore, it is great that the company wants to participate in pride week and enter a green transition – I like being part of a company that dares to take some chances and be a first mover.” 

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Meet Anneke Klaver

Anneke is a truck driver, and she works out of Winterswijk in the Netherlands.

When we ask Anneke what the best thing is about being a truck driver, she answers:

“It is that you feel big and free when the asphalt slides underneath you. In addition, the beautiful nature, which changes every season makes no two days the same. The customer contact is also very nice, and the variety of loading and unloading, the (return) trips that are also called in in the middle of the day, make the work a fantastic challenge that is never boring or monotonous. Even though there are also long working days, and you sometimes must get up very early, I feel privileged to be part of DFDS."

Anneke started working for DFDS in 2022:

“I was well and thoroughly trained and learned the tricks of refrigerated transport. I appreciate the trust they gave me immediately and that they gave me a truck of my own from the start. You and the truck are a team because you spend a lot of time in it.

Music on and singing along, is the ultimate feeling of happiness at that moment. Despite being a large company, where I have many colleagues, it is nice to know that there is always someone nearby, even on the road, who you contact when there is a breakdown or when you have a question about the load. In this man's world (where unfortunately too few women are employed), I feel like one of the guys. That's partly because they are great colleagues. who can appreciate that there is a woman driving the car." 

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