​​​​​​​​​​​​​Brevik - Immingham

On this route there are two sailings per week in both directions.

The cargo mix on this route includes trailers, lorries – with/without drivers, containers, machinery, trucks and cars. In particular great experiences in handling new cars.

From Immingham (on Central England’s east coast) there is immediate access to M62 heading to main big industrial cities in England and Scotland and from Brevik located on the entry to Oslo Fjord – there is immediate access to major Norwegian industries with easy access to the motorway to Kristiansand and Oslo.




DFDS reserves the right to make changes in the above schedule.
Local times are used for all departures and arrivals.
Closing time is prior to sailing time. Please contact your local DFDS office for more information.




+44 1469 575 231
DFDS Seaways Terminal, Western Access Road, Immingham Dock, Immingham, DN40 2LZ, United Kingdom


+47 35 57 37 50​
NorthSea Terminal AS, Tangenveien 40 3950 Brevik Norway

Or get in touch by email.​


Passengers on freight vessels
  • Bookings accepted earliest 30 days before departure, No waiting list
  • Children under 5 years not accepted due to safety regulations
  • No pets

Enquiries for passenger transport on this route should be directed to:

Tel: +44 1469 56 29 88 / Email:​ UKPax@dfds.c​om​ Monday to Friday 08:00 - 15:00

Read information about passenger booking here ​​

Driver facilities on board

On this route our Ro-Ro vessels offer comfortable accommodation in shared double cabin usually with shower and toilet. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served at set times. Cold food, tea and coffe facilities available in the canteen. 

Hazardous cargo

The internal segregation of individual UN-number must conform to the general and particular requirements for segregation as described in the IMDG Code.

Information about deadlines and routines please contact your local office.

Request for shipment of Class 2,3,4,5,6,8 and 9 must be submitted before unit arrives at the gate. for deadline information please contact your local office.​


  • Class 1:
    requests for shipment of Class 1 must be submitted one week before shipment.
  • Class 7:
    Radioactive substances are not accepted.

Abnormal loads

  • For trailers longer than 14 metres, truck/trailers longer than 17 metres, containers/tank-containers/flats longer than 20', 30' or 40' additional rates are given on application.
  • For units exceeding 2.6 metres in width the following surcharges shall apply: (Excess width calculations must be done on total unit length.)
    • 2.61 - 2.75 m basic rate +25%
    • 2.76 - 3.00 m basic rate +50%
    • 3.01 - 3.50 m basic rate +100%
    • 3.51 - and over on application.
  • For loads of abnormal height please contact your agent for maximum height information.
  • The gross weight for selfdrives/trailers/flats/containers marked on each unit must not be exceeded. This must also conform to current government road/rail regulations. If this is found not to be so, discharge will be at shipper's expense.
  • Shipment of units exceeding 40 tons of weight is subject to prior approval with additional rates are given on application.