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Before we load, we listen

Each industry and company has its unique challenges. At DFDS we have invested in technology, equipment, and facilities to meet the demands of modern, lean supply chains. Contact us to learn more about how to optimise your supply chain with our integrated logistics and shipping solutions.


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We are a trusted shipping and logistics partner to many of the world's leading makers of cars, tractors, trucks, and busses. Find out why, and how our industry teams can help you.

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We provide the metals and steel industry with reliable, flexible, and fast shipping and logistics services. Discover why some of the largest producers trust DFDS with their cargo.

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Forest products

Our ships, trailers, terminals, and digital solutions are designed to cater to the challenges of the forestry industry. Learn how you can benefit from our industry expertise and capabilities.



We know the challenges of the chemicals industry and have tailored our safety-conscious solutions with that in mind. Learn how you can benefit from our industry expertise.

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Project cargo

Transportation of project cargo represents unique challenges in terms of safety, cargo care, cost, co-ordination, and planning. Learn how our experienced industry teams can help you.

Special cargo

Special cargo

DFDS Special Cargo has been at the forefront of international flatbed and abnormal load transport, and operates one of the largest specialised fleets available in mainland Europe, the UK and Ireland.


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Cold chain

We provide transport services to some of the leading companies in the seafood industry, offering integrated supply chain solutions from packing stations to consumers throughout Europe.

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FMCG & retailers

Reliability, speed, stock optimisation, and flexibility are key ingredients in the supply chains of the FMCG and retail sector. Our transport solutions are designed to fulfil these needs.

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High value products

We know the challenges of transporting high value cargo. Whether it's electronics, pharmaceuticals, or high-end food, we'll ensure your goods arrive safely and in time.

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RDF and Waste

Our refuse-derived fuel (RDF) industry experts find the best option for your RDF cargo and also offer collection from producer and delivery directly to an Energy from Waste (EfW) plant. 

Freight forwarding

Freight forwarding

Deal with one company only as we coordinate and take responsibility for the transportation of your goods between destinations, across land and sea, from storage to delivery.

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We have the expertise, tools, routes, warehouses, dedication and manpower needed to send, receive and manage heavy equipment shipments throughout Europe and Turkey.

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Whatever you need to ship, we have a solution for it. Specify your transport needs, and we will provide you with a quote for your shipments.

Customer service

Find answers to your questions. Our customer services pages include info about our services, terms and conditions, office locations, DFDS' impact on the environment, and much more.