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Cold chain logistics

Pan-European distribution services
Pan-European distribution services
Fully integrated trunking network services
Fully integrated trunking network services
Custom-built, multi-temperature distribution centre
Custom-built, multi-temperature distribution centre
Innovative solutions for the seafood industry
Innovative solutions for the seafood industry
Seafood supply chain full size

What is a cold chain?

Cold chain goods are perishable and need special care. At DFDS, we know how what it means to take care of goods that require a low-temperature range, all the way from harvest or production to consumption. Our expertise, equipment, warehouses, and network make up an unbroken cold chain for your cool cargo.

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Keeping cool goods cool all the way

Use DFDS to preserve, extend, and ensure the shelf life of products like seafood, agricultural produce, frozen food, chemicals, and pharmaceutical drugs. We offer all the cold chain technologies and means you need to ensure your cool goods maintain a constant temperature and arrive in pristine condition – every time.

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Control and compliance

With DFDS, you have a cold chain logistics partner with vast experience in managing temperature-critical products. Our skilled cold chain staff use tried and tested processes to ensure that your goods are stored within temperature-regulated and strictly controlled areas in compliance with the highest quality standards. We invest in and develop new cold chain technology solutions to save your time, money and resources. And with modern tracking, you can always keep an eye on things with live temperature views.

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Our network - your strength

DFDS provides access for the seafood and perishable goods industry to one of Europe’s most comprehensive freight shipping and logistics networks, with daily connections to main seafood hubs across Europe. Efficient and reliable ferry services, door-door solutions, contract logistics, or a ferry cruise: you can trust us to move what is important to you. Our unique network of 24 ferry routes on a fixed schedule, 55 ferries, 8 port terminals, 9,000 trailer and container units, and 8,000+ local ferry and logistics experts across Europe will secure on-time delivery, every time. Our collection, cross-docking and pick-up network covers all of the UK and a range of destinations in Europe.

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Do you need support or want to get in touch with our Customer Service? Visit our FAQ to find answers to your questions about how we can manage your cold chain.

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Looking to move goods that need to keep cool? Let us know what you need, and we will get back to you with a rate.

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