Bar onboard Copenhagen-Oslo ferry exp 01_04_2029

哥本哈根到奥斯陆 - 船上酒吧

Bar onboard Copenhagen-Oslo ferry

船上酒吧 - 哥本哈根到奥斯陆

我们从哥本哈根到奥斯陆的渡轮上设有多间酒吧,无论您是想安静地放松身心还是想肆意地聚会狂欢,都能觅到心仪之所。 您可以喝上两杯、跳跳舞、欣赏现场音乐,或是单纯坐下来放松一下,乐享愉快的海上时光。船上还有一间在天气晴好时开放的甲板酒吧,是饱览壮丽海景的好去处。

Red and White Winebar wine

Northern Lights bar

In our Northern Lights bar, you can register for a tasting, where you will be properly and competently guided through exclusive wines, Danish craft beers or matured whisky by the skilful personnel who manage the bar. Or why not try one of the fine champagnes or other delicious bubbles from world leading producers at reasonable prices per glass?

No matter your preference you will simply feel comfortable and welcome in the unpretentious settings with a stunning view of the sea.

船上设施 - 哥本哈根到奥斯陆

Couple in restaurant

船上设施 - 哥本哈根到奥斯陆


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