Klaipeda-Kiel Commodore De Luxe Cabin

克莱佩达到基尔 - 准将级豪华客舱

Klaipeda-Kiel Commodore Cabin
Klaipeda-Kiel Commodore Deluxe Cabin

准将级豪华客舱 - 克莱佩达到基尔


Klaipeda-Kiel Commodore De Luxe Cabin



    2 guests in the cabin

    1 bed in the cabin


Baby Cot in Commodore Cabin
Baby Cot in Commodore Cabin lt
Baby Cot in Commodore cabin

New: Baby cots in the cabin

For those traveling with baby, we offer a new option to book a baby cot in our Commodore cabins for just 20 EUR by calling our Customer Care team if you are on Sirena, Aura or Luna Seaways; while on Regina and Victoria you can book it onboard only.

  • Dimensions 128 x 65 x 73 cm;
  • Suitable for kids not older than 36 months and not heavier than 15 kg;
  • Material - 100% polyester;
  • Together with baby cot we will supply all bedding (pillow, mattress, bed sheet, blanket);


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