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Experience the parks in Copenhagen - take the boat with DFDS

Do you want a break from the center's bustling crowds, sit on a bench surrounded by flowers or fold out a picnic blanket and enjoy the sun rays? Copenhagen has more than enough parks to choose from and offers something for everyone. Whether you want to stroll through rose gardens, experience exotic plants or relax on a Brazilian bench in urban settings.

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Frederiksberg Garden

A park that is definitely worth a visit in Copenhagen is Frederiksberg garden. This is a beautiful oasis with large pieces of greenery, waterfalls, ponds and hedges. Here you can take a boat trip in the canals with a guide who shows your way through the garden, under cute little bridges and past the beautiful palace.

The park is a popular place for Copenhagen residents, who often take picnic baskets and sun loungers. The garden is so large and has so many different moods, that here you can simply go exploring. Lovely areas with crocus and daffodils, trees and plants of all colors, and even a Chinese gazebo.

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The Kings Garden

The King's Garden is inspired by the Renaissance and stretches out in front of the adventurous Rosenborg Castle. This is actually Copenhagen's most used park, and it is not difficult to understand why. The square web of paths encloses large lawns with beautiful flowers, large trees and includes a blanket of crocus flowers in a checkerboard pattern and a separate rose garden. They also have their own playground for kids in the middle of the park, so this is great for families with children. We can also recommend taking a tour of the castle and visiting its museum. Here you can study royal collections, including some real crown jewels!

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Botanical Garden

Here you will find nothing less than Denmark's largest collection of living plants.The Botanical garden is no ordinary park, it is a research garden. Here you can walk peacefully and quietly on the paths among the 13,000 plant species found.

In the garden there is also a 16 meter high palm house, where you can climb up and observe the landscape from above. In summer, all flowers germinate and create a lovely and relaxing atmosphere, while in winter the snow covers the garden and the old palm tree lights up. If it gets too cold outside, you can head into the tropical rainforest to enjoy the warmth and watch rare butterflies.

superkilen park Copenhagen


If you fancy a slightly different park experience, we recommend visiting Superkilen on Nørrebro. Designed by a separate art group, the park is divided into three parts, depending on what you want to do. At the Red Square you will find an urban atmosphere with cafes, music and sports. The Black Market has artistic fountains and benches, while the Green Park is dedicated to ordinary park life with picnics and relaxation. In Superkilen you can find features from all over the world, such as a sculpture from Japan and palm trees from China.

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