Child in shop onboard DFDS ferry

클라이페다-칼스함 쇼핑

Couple in shop onboard DFDS ferry

선상 쇼핑 - 클라이페다-칼스함

스웨덴을 방문하거나 리투아니아로 돌아오는 페리에서 다양한 화장품, 향수, 간식, 주류, 담배 및 기념품을 판매하는 면세점을 이용해보세요. 이번 기회를 놓치지 말고 훌륭한 가격에 다양한 선물을 구입하세요! 면세점 내 직원들이 특가 또는 할인 정보 등을 친절하게 안내해 드립니다.

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선상 시설 및 서비스

Woman reading a book onboard

Onboard Klaipeda-Karlshamn

Our ferries between Sweden and Lithuania boast excellent onboard facilities to ensure smooth sailing on your overnight crossing.

WTA Winner 2022

Award Winning Ferry Crossings

We are proud to have been voted World’s Leading Ferry Operator 2022 at this year’s World Travel Awards for the 12th year in a row! We have also won Europe's Leading Ferry Operator 2012-2022 and World’s Best Ferry Operator Website 2021-2022.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us and voted for us for over 12 years. Let’s sail the seas together with world class service!

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