Shopping onboard DFDS ferry

팔디스키 - 카펠셰르 쇼핑

Shopping onboard DFDS ferry

선상 쇼핑 - 팔디스키-카펠셰르

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현금(유로 또는 스웨덴 크로네) 또는 VISA, Electron, VISA Classic, MasterCard 및 EuroCard로 결제 가능합니다.

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Summer Sale

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선상 시설 및 서비스

Man working on his laptop onboard

Onboard Paldiski-Kapellskär

With onboard facilities to make your journey fly by, travel between Sweden and Estonia with a DFDS ferry crossing. 

Nominee for Europes Leading Ferry Operator 2023

Behind Every Journey

We are proud to have been nominated as Europe’s Leading Ferry Operator 2023 by the World Travel Awards.  

This year, we’re taking a moment to celebrate and recognise the reasons why we continue to get nominated – and win this award – year after year...the amazing people behind every journey.  

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