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Each industry and company has its unique challenges. At DFDS we have invested in technology, equipment and facilities to meet the demands of modern, lean supply chains. Contact us to learn more about how to optimize your supply chain with our integrated logistics and shipping solutions.

Integrated shipping and logistics Solutions


We provide supply chain solutions to many of the world's largest automakers. Every day we ship cars, tractors, trucks and busses across Europe onboard our ships, trains and trailers. Find out how our experienced industry team can help your company.

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Our investments in equipment, vessels and facilities enables us to offer the metal and steel industry unparalleled cargo care, cost-efficiency and reliability. Discover our offer to the metals industry, including tailored solutions for steel, aluminium and other metal alloys.

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Forest products

The Forest Products industry manufactures a vast range of semi-produced and finished products. Our industry team understands the challenges associated with transporting forest products, such as paper and wood.

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The transportation costs of the chemical industry are higher than most other industries averaging 25% of total cost of goods sold. DFDS recognise the challenges facing the industry and have tailored our safety-conscious solutions to optimise our customers' supply chains.

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Project cargo

Transportation of project cargo represents unique challenges in terms of safety, cargo care, cost, co-ordination and planning. Our experienced Project Cargo industry teams help you with the transportation of small, medium and large project cargo and break bulk cargo.

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Europe-wide supply chain solutions


DFDS is the largest provider of transport services to the Scottish salmon and seafood industry, offering fully integrated supply chain solutions from packing station to consumers throughout Europe.

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FMCG & retailers

Working closely with some of the industry's major players, we have learned that reliability, speed, stock optimisation and flexibility are key ingredients in the supply chains of the FMCG and retail sector.

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High value products

In Europe, cargo theft loss is estimated at 12 billion euros per year. Business sectors mostly affected are high tech, electronics, pharmaceutical, tobacco and alcohol industries. Our transport solutions include safety and securite trained driver, dedicated high value areas in terminals, tracking technology and much more.

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