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Cycling in Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Attractions and activities in Copenhagen

A wonderful collection of sights awaits in Copenhagen - perfect when you are a tourist in the wonderful capital! The city has impressive cultural history, art and attractions, both for those interested in history and for those looking for speed, excitement and fun. At the museum in Copenhagen, you will find both older and modern art from famous artists, as well as beautiful architecture.
Tivoli offers fun attractions for the whole family, great dining experiences and a pleasant atmosphere.
Along the streets of Copenhagen, you will also find several nice places, worth visiting. How about a trip to Amalienborg Castle, or lunch along Nyhavn?
The possibilities are many in lovely Copenhagen.

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Sights in Copenhagen

Welcome to Copenhagen, a city filled with sights and historical treasures! In the heart of the city you will find Round Tower, one of Denmark's most beautiful buildings. Here you can follow the path all the way up to the top of the tower, for a fantastic view. In the center of Copenhagen you will also find the famous Marble Church, Frederiks church. The church is located a short distance from Amalienborg Castle and the opera, in the Frederiksstaden city quarter. A little outside the city center you will find Rosenborg Castle, which is surrounded by a lovely garden, Kongens have. The castle is part of the Kongernes Samlinger, and houses, among other things, cultural treasures such as the Danish crown regalia and crown jewels. Another spectacular castle is Frederiksberg Castle. The castle is located at the top of Valby Hill and is built in the Italian Baroque style. One of Denmark's most famous tourist attractions can be found at Langelinie, namely The Little Mermaid. The name comes from the Danish writer H.C. Andersen's famous fairy tale "The Little Mermaid".

Glyptoteket - Copenhagen

Museums in Copenhagen

Discover Copenhagen's rich art and cultural heritage through museums that take you on a unique journey. The Glyptotheque, in the middle of the city, impresses with ancient sculptures and modern art. Statens Museum for Kunst (SMK) gives visitors a unique perspective on art history, from Danish masterpieces to modern art. Denmark's National Museum takes you through the country's history and culture, while Home of Carlsberg (Carlsberg Museum) provides insight into Denmark's well-known beer brewing tradition. The Design Museum in Denmark, with its innovative focus, explores the country's contribution to the world's design scene. Then visit the museums, for some nice, memorable moments.

Tivoli in Denmark

Activities in Copenhagen

Looking for fun activities to do in Copenhagen? Then we have some tips for you! Experience the best of Copenhagen through Tivoli and Canal Tours. Tivoli, the heart of the city, combines culture and pleasure with beautiful gardens, entertainment and carousels. Canal Tours provide a unique view of the city from the water. If you are interested in street art and want to experience a non-traditional side of Copenhagen, you should visit the self-governing community Christiania. These places capture Copenhagen's diverse charm - and make your trip fun, exciting and educational.

The Blue Planet - Denmark

Activities for kids

Copenhagen offers pleasant and educational experiences for the whole family! In Tivoli, both children and adults can ride fast-paced carousels, take part in exciting performances and enjoy delicious food and sweets. But there are also other great attractions worth checking out: Join Den Blå Planet and learn about life in the sea, or explore the joys of science at the Experimentarium. Here the children can play and learn together. A trip to Copenhagen Zoo can also be recommended! Visit the popular zoo and get to know the different animal species that live here. The children can also take part in exciting activities and learn more about the animals.

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Visit Copenahgens many parks

Copenhagen is known for having many cosy, green parks, both on the outskirts of the city and in the centre. Take a trip to Kongens have, which is Denmark's most visited park and is located right next to Rosenborg Castle. Another popular park is the Botanical Garden. Here you will find Denmark's largest collection of living plants, a pleasant outdoor terrace and cozy paths. If you want an urban park experience, you should check out Superkilen in Nørrebro. The park was designed by an art group, and is divided into three parts; The Red Square, The Black Market and The Green Park.

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