Christmas in Bremen

Your Essential Travel Guide To Bremen

Christmas in Bremen

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Bremen is located in the north-western part of Germany and is the second largest port in the country. Since 1358, Bremen has been a city of the Hanseatic Merchants Union and one of Germany's most important trade centres for coffee and wool.

The Schnoorviertel is particularly popular among visitors, with many examples of architecture dating back to the 15-18th centuries, including the Toy Museum and the gothic John's Church.

Bremen Town Hall is one of the oldest buildings in the city and is listed on the UNESCO architectural heritage list. You can visit the cellar of the Town Hall where you can taste more than 600 kinds of wine.

Bremen Musical Statue

Places to visit

Bremen Town Hall
Built in 1410, Bremen Town Hall is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with its magnificent façade, it's one of the most beautiful buildings in Germany. It's the only European Town Hall built in the late Middle Ages, which hasn't been destroyed or altered, and has been able to maintain its original state over the centuries.

Bremen Musical Sculpture
A famous sculpture of four musicians stands south of the town hall. Who doesn't know this funny fairy tale of Brothers Grimm? It is said you can get good luck by rubbing the leg of the donkey.

St. Peter's Cathedral in Bremen

Sights in Bremen

Roland's sculpture
In Germany, you can see many statues for Knight Roland, but this is the oldest and greatest medieval sculpture. The stone sculpture more than 10 metres high was built in 1404, when the previous statue was destroyed by archbishop soldiers in 1366. The statue symbolizes freedom and independence of the city.

St. Peter's Cathedral
St. Peter's Cathedral is a 1500-year-old Lutheran church on the market square. Its two towers - one of which is open to visitors - can be seen from a distance. In the cathedral cellars you can see the surviving mummies, while in the Bible garden you can enjoy a cup of coffee.

Shurne Quarter

Exploring Bremen

Shurne Quarter
The oldest district of the city - avoiding the bombing of World War II - is a delight for visitors with unique boutiques, cozy little restaurants ,a toy museum and a Christmas shop which is open all year round.

Viertel District
The most colorful and bohemian district of Bremen is located near the city centre and has more than 290 shops that sell everything you can imagine! This area is famous for kitsch art, theaters and museums, and a colorful nightlife with bars, nightclubs and pubs open all night.

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