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Motorcycling In Germany

Germany to Hamburg

Discover Things To Do Whilst Motorcycling In Germany

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Germany by motorcycle

Germany by motorcycle

Germany is a popular destination for all European motorcyclists. There are many different routes to choose from in Germany, from wide motorways to narrow mountain roads. The Germans also like to travel by motorbikes, so when traveling in this country you're sure to meet many like-minded people to share your travel experience, ideas and tips with. Quiet towns, noisy metropolitan areas, and scenic landscapes - all this and more while traveling on your motorcycle in Germany!

Germany by motorcycle - Liubekas

Northern Germany

While travelling in northern Germany, you will find numerous nature corners, important historical sites and cosy towns and cities.

For true nature lovers, we offer the chance to explore the coasts of the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, go to the Jasmund National Park on the island of Rügen famous for its snow-white limestone coast and visit the UNESCO-protected flood and tidal area at the Wadden Sea National Park.

Don't miss the opportunity to visit the three most important cities of the Hanseatic League, Bremen, Hamburg and Lübeck, when visiting North Germany.

Hamburg Culture


You can't leave Germany without paying a visit to beautiful Hamburg. From the Middle Ages, Hamburg has retained its name as the most important and largest German trade port. And although this city stands out for its greatness, it still has many cosy corners to visit.

You can feel the authentic atmosphere of Hamburg by visiting the famous Fish Market and spend time in one of the marina bars.

Hamburg is also famous for its nightlife, so don't miss the chance to take part in regular events and parties!

Our Routes to Germany

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