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Fishing in Southern Sweden

Fishing in southern Sweden

Southern Sweden – fishing

Are you a passionate fisherman (or woman) looking for new challenges? You can test your abilities in the southern part of Sweden, an area famous for its abundance of fish species. DFDS ferries from Klaipeda to Karlshamn give you an easy access to the fishing spots in Sweden. Travel alone or with friends and family and take your car with you. You can choose from a variety of cabins onboard from economy class to commodore cabins.

Fishing in the Morrum river

Fishing in the Mörrum River and Mienan River

Mörrum River is renowned in Europe as one of the best fishing spots for salmon and trout. You can fish from 2 different areas: - Södra Mörrumsån: sea trout and salmon are typical of this river. The best time to fish salmon is April and May, with salmon reaching up to 30kg. Find out more here. - Mörrumsåns fvo: here the popular species are trout, sea trout, salmon, pike, bream and perch. The best time to fish is between March and September. Find out where to stay here.

Mienan River: Here you can fish from 3 different zones - Southern Mienan River, Zone 1. Species available here are: sea trout, bream and bass - River Mienan, Zone 2. Trout, bass and pike are available to fish here. - Norrefors is great to catch trout. Only fly fishing and spinning are permitted in this area.


Fishing in Braknean and Lake Vättern

  • Southern Braknean: the popular fish species in this area are sea trout, pike, trout and bass.
  • Middle Braknean: fish species available here are trout, bream, pike, and perch. Fishing is allowed all year round except for trout fishing, which is only allowed from 30 September to 1 March.
  • Lake Vättern is the second largest lake in Sweden, with up to 31 species of fish and year-round fishing permitted. This lake is popular among fishermen for the range of species of Atlantic salmon, Atlantic ice and stork. The best months for for fishing are April to May and September to October. In this area sport fishing is allowed without a license. More information about fishing regulations can be found here.
Fishing in Sweden useful info

Useful information

In Sweden you can fish from rivers, lakes and the coast. You can collect a free printed guide for fishing spots from all tourist information centres. Here you can also obtain a fishing licenseor you can purchase one from petrol stations or on arrival at the administration point.

Ronneby Brunn Hotel - room

Important information and hotel reservations

  • The alcohol percentage allowed while driving in Sweden is 0.02%.
  • When driving from December 1 until March 31st cars must have winter tires on.
  • The Karlshamn Tourism Information Centre can provide all the details you may need for your trip as well as information on events in the city. The address for the information centre is Pirgatan 2, 374 81 Karlshamn.
  • Additional information about fishing in Sweden is available here.
  • The DFDS ferry from Klaipeda to Karlshamn takes 12 hours overnight, making it easier to continue your journey by car or public transport the next morning. You can also book a hotel stay with Booking.com

*Note: Hotel reservations through Booking.com are unrelated to the ferry ticket reservations. For any queries on hotels, visit Booking.com.

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