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Switching wheels for propellors

“I would strongly recommend DFDS’ short sea set-up to other companies because of the environmental benefits, on-time deliveries, and knowing the vessel arrives on time versus having trailers transporting the goods all the way across Europe." 

Per-Ludvik Vagle, Manager at Norske Porter


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on-time delivery 


reduces transport costs 


CO2 emissions 


Need for a reliable, sustainable and cost-effective way to ship products

Traditionally, Norway’s Norske Porter’s logistics set-up was based on transport by road. A combination of delays, varying lead times, high freight rates and a driver shortage that affected capacities made them eager to explore other possibilities. 

Norske Porter believed there must be a way to ship their products more efficiently and with a higher level of sustainability. They approached DFDS to help them optimise lead times, secure capacity and plan their logistics flow cost-effectively.  

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A multi-benefit switch in transportation 

We suggested to Norske Porter that they explore the possibility of moving goods volumes by sea and recommended a short sea logistics set-up. As well as being a more sustainable option, access to our customer service would mean they only need to deal with one point of contact when planning to ship goods.

Avoiding unnecessary challenges 

Today, DFDS collects Norske Porter’s products in trailers before shipping them onwards from Ghent to Brevik for delivery into Larvik. This way, the company secures lead times into Norway while avoiding irregular goods flows, guaranteeing consistent delivery with scheduled vessels. 


Improved efficiency, green profile and bottom line

One single point of contact through our office in Ghent ensures smooth communication with a short response time at the loading site.

The switch to short sea transport means Norske Porter now circumvent the capacity imbalance, driver shortage and road transport’s high freight rates. All this has not only delivered significant economic benefits but also a reduction in the company’s CO2 emissions.

"The transition from road transport to short sea has been very smooth, and we know exactly when our goods will arrive. Our logistics flow has much improved now that we have fewer contact points.”  

- Per-Ludvik Vagle, Manager at Norske Porter