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Gothenburg, located on the west coast of Sweden, is the second largest city in Sweden with a population of around 500,000 and is the largest seaport in Scandinavia. Gothenburg was founded in the 17th century by King Gustav II Adolf of Sweden. This city was once the largest shipyard in Sweden.

Interesting facts about Gothenburg:

  • There are 20 museums in Gothenburg
  • Gothenburg has 470 km of bicycle paths
  • There are 2 universities and around 50 thousand students
  • Liseberg amusement park is visited by about 2.8mil visitors a year.
Gothenburg - Universeum Science Centre
Gothenburg - Zoo

Places to visit

Universeum Science Center
Located in the heart of Gothenburg, the huge science centre, Universeum, brings together animals, nature, technology and scientific experiments. It's an interactive museum on seven floors, making it particularly popular with families with children. Here, every day passes as an adventure - you can go to the "safari" at the tropical forest, "take off" to the cosmos, "dive" into the depths of the ocean or stroll through the Swedish desert.

Boros Zoo
The Zoo, which is 80km from Gothenburg, makes you feel like you are in the real African plains, meeting exotic animals that are known for their desire for attention. After all that exploring, dine at the restaurant in the garden and enjoy the panoramic views.

Gothenburg - Volvo Museum
Gothenburg - maritime museum
Gothenburg - National History Museum

Museums in Gothenburg

Volvo Museum
In Gothenburg, don't miss the opportunity to visit the Volvo museum. Explore the extensive historic Volvo collection including cars, trucks, buses, construction equipment, marine engines, aviation and other Volvo creations from 1927 to today.

Maritiman Museum
This is a floating shipping museum allowing you to get in and out of many ships. There’s also a submarine and a floating lighthouse. The museum is also equipped with an aquarium housing sea flora and fauna.

Natural History Museum
Take the opportuity to go on an unforgettable journey through the history of wildlife. Gothenburg Museum of Natural History, located in Slottskёgen Park, is the oldest museum in the city, built in 1833. Don't miss the opportunity to explore the skeletons of extinct dinosaurs and explore fossils.

Gothenburg - Jubilee Park
Gothenburg -

Exploring Gothenburg

An original children's playground where you can not only have fun climbing, jumping and landing but also playing with water. The swimming pool offers beautiful views of Frihamnen Harbour and the passing ships. Next to the pool is a bookshelf where you can borrow a book to read the sunshine.

Utkiken Tower
This 86m tower offers panoramic views of Gothenburgh and its archipelago.

The main street in the city with many shops, cafes, restaurants, bars and street singers.

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