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Malmö in Sweden Travel Guide

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Explore Malmö, the vibrant Swedish city

Malmö is said to be a compact, cosmopolitan and lively Swedish city, but also idyllic and peaceful. It stands out as Sweden's centre of creativity, with a vibrant cultural and gastronomic life that combines the ancient and the modern.

This Swedish city has always been known for its cozy charm, and this year's Eurovision festival will only add to it. The energy of the city during this time will be truly unbeatable, and it's the perfect opportunity for Eurovision fans to not only take in the music but also the culture and urban life that Malmö has to offer. Whether it's the breath-taking architecture, innovative cuisines, or unique city destinations, Malmö is set to provide an unforgettable experience.

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What to see in Sweden: Places to Visit on Your Way

Explore rich cultural and natural heritage with these top Sweden attractions. Starting with the interactive Kreativum Science Centre in Karlshamn, journey through historical Kristianstad, the Skanes Djurpark Wildlife Park, and the medieval Bosjökloster Castle. Don't miss the charming town of Lund with its stunning cathedral, and finally, find peace in the ancient oak forests of Dalby Söderskog National Park. Each location offers a unique experience, from educational outings and historical architecture to family-friendly wildlife encounters and tranquil natural landscapes.

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What to do in Malmö

The city showcases the historic Gamla staden and the modern Västra Hamnen district, making it a treasure for architecture and design fans. Noteworthy is the Eresund Strait bridge, an 8 km masterpiece linking Sweden to Denmark, and the Rotating skyscraper, once Scandinavia's tallest by Santiago Calatrava. Highlights include the Museum of Disgusting Food, with 80 peculiar foods, and the temporary ABBA museum. Fika time, the Swedish coffee break tradition, enjoying a cup of coffee and a piece of "kanelbullar" at the bakery is a must-try.


What you need to know when travelling in Sweden

To make your trip to Sweden as smooth as possible, it's also worth remembering a few things about the rules and culture of the country.

  • Drive with headlights on, always
  • Seat belts are a must for all passengers
  • Strict alcohol rules: Don’t exceed 0.02 per mille. Breathalyser tests are common
  • Parking rules: Observe parking signs and park on the right side of the road

When travelling in Sweden, you should also bear in mind the nuances of Swedish etiquette.

  • Value punctuality
  • Maintain personal space
  • Say "Tack för maten" (thank you for the food) after meals
  • Respect eco-guidelines: no littering, recycle properly

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