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Important onboard information

Important information for passengers

Find out everything you need to know about ferry regulations, safety onboard and satellite MCP connection whilst on the ship.

Regulations onboard

  1. Important information is communicated via tannoy, so listen carefully to all announcements for the duration of your journey
  2. If you have a weapon, to comply with the International ISPS Code, you must hand it over to the ship's administration during the journey. The weapon will be returned to you when the ship arrives at the port
  3. In the event of an emergency or a threat to your safety, contact any member of staff immediately
  4. The ferry administration is only responsible for valuable items left in the ship's storage facility
  5. It is forbidden to go to cargo decks during the journey
  6. Smoking is forbidden in the cabins and other inside areas. Smoking is only available on open decks marked with a "Smoking Area" sign
  7. Please be considerate of all passengers, and do not be loud in the cabins after 23:00.
  8. At the end of the trip, please leave the cabin key at reception
  9. It is forbidden to drink your own drinks at the ferry restaurants or bars
  10. Alcoholic beverages and tobacco products are not sold to individuals under 20 years old
  11. Payments for goods and/or services on the ferry are accepted in cash (euros) or by VISA Classic, VISA Electron, MasterCard, EuroCard. Ferries sailing to Sweden also accept Swedish krona

Safety onboard

We are pleased to inform you that all DFDS Seaways ships comply with safety requirements.

Each member of our crew is trained in all necessary procedures and will immediately take safety measures in the event of danger.

At each departure, safety instructions are communicated to the passengers through the loudspeaker and displayed on the TV. You’ll find more information on security measures in brochures and evacuation plans in each cabin. If you have any questions, contact a member of staff.

NOTE ON ISPS: The ISPS (International Code for the Protection of Ships and Port Facilities), which has been operational in all ports and ships since 01.07.2004, requires companies to perform screening and checking of passengers, their luggage and vehicles. All passengers must have valid identification documents and present them when requested at the time of boarding.

Satellite MCP connection

Whilst on the ship, your phone may automatically connect to the satellite MCP - possibly on higher rates that usual. You can get information on MCP connection prices from your mobile operator.

Example of Shipping Charges (Here)

Network Code: 901 - 12 Connection type: 2G / 3G

Calling on ships and planes Eur / min.
Peak (local time)I-VII 07:00-19: 00 1.26448
Off peak (local time) -
Connection fee: 0.15958
__Calling to Lithuania __ Eur / min.
Peak (local time)I-VII 07:00-19: 00 1.66387
Off peak (local time) -
Connection fee 0.15958
__SMS __ Eur / pc.
Local __0.79848 __
To Lithuania __0.79848 __
__Internet __ __Eur / 1MB. __
Standard rate __10 __
Ordering a data pack T__he service is not available__

Passenger Information

Stem på os -  World’s Leading Ferry Operator 2021

Verdens Førende Færgeoperatør 2021

Vi er for 11. år i træk nomineret som Verdens Førende Færgeoperatør til den prestigefulde prisuddeling World Travel Awards! Vi drømmer i den grad om at vinde, men vi har brug for din hjælp. Så støt os med din stemme og hjælp os for med at sætte en pris på vores service i verdensklasse for 11. gang.

Afstemningen lukker 25.oktober. Vi takker for din støtte.

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