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Summer Road Trip Baltics 2024

ROADtrip - Heartful of stories


Start your ultimate car trip around Europe with DFDS's Summer Roadtrip. Make lasting memories exploring Europe's top car travel routes, finding unforgettable adventures. Discover ultimate comfort and flexibility with DFDS ferry services, perfect for those seeking a mix of relaxation and adventure.

DFDS is committed to providing a hassle-free travel experience, offering both mini cruises and longer trips. Whether you're on a family trip with your car, a solo adventure on your motorcycle, or a leisurely journey in your RV, we ensure smooth sailing to new destinations.

Daily departures

Unlimited luggage

Sea view cabins

Travel with or without your vehicle

    Unique – and never the same – road trip experience

    Travel at your own pace

    Create your holiday route

    Meet alternative destinations

    Pet friendly

Baltics route map


Klaipeda - Kiel
Klaipeda - Karlshamn
Paldiski - Kapellskär
Road Trip journey with family

What Makes Car Trip Special? The Magic of the Journey

Traveling by car on a DFDS ferry is more than just getting to your destination. It's about the journey and the emotions along the way. It's about freedom - the joy of the open road, stopping whenever a scenic view or a charming village catches your eye. It’s about connection - enjoying time with loved ones, sharing laughs or quiet moments as the world passes by.

Imagine the anticipation of driving onto the ferry, feeling like your getaway starts before you even reach your final stop. Ferry travel offers a unique mix of excitement and relaxation: the adventure of going somewhere new, with the comfort of being able to roam, eat, or watch the sea and its calming waves.

This journey promises lasting memories. From seeing the delight on your children’s faces at the vast sea to watching a sunset with your partner on deck, these moments bring pure happiness and satisfaction.

On Deck of the ferry

Car Trip Adventures: Fun, Romance & unforgettable memories with DFDS

Imagine planning your own car trips across Europe, where every journey is adventure. Think about hitting the road with friends, enjoying the freedom of exploring at your own pace, free from tight schedules. Discover hidden gems and unique spots in Sweden and Germany, ideal for a weekend getaway or a longer drive. Planning your route becomes effortless, making travel with little ones a joy.

Take the most out of a road trip

Enjoy every holiday minute

Road trip with friends

What makes DFDS ferry so comfortable? Excellent Onboard Facilities

DFDS ferries enhance your European car travel with comfort and fun amenities. Stay connected with our Wi-Fi services, ideal for those exploring the best car trips around Europe. Our pet-friendly cabins ensure your pets travel comfortably, making every journey inclusive.

Traveling with kids? Enjoy our onboard dining options. The Mare Balticum restaurant and 7 Seas Buffet offer delicious meals suitable for families. Relax at the Navigator's bar with a cocktail or enjoy a coffee at the Lighthouse Café, where you can also borrow books for free, perfect for a quiet read.

Children will love the Pirate’s Island playroom, filled with fun and educational activities. Adults can enjoy the sea on the open deck, a perfect place to embrace new adventures.

Experience the comfort and convenience of DFDS ferries on your next car journey around Europe, where every moment onboard enhances your adventure.

Inspiration for travel in summer time

The journey begins with one wish. So let’s go on that Roadtrip!

If you still need some time to think about the ideal Road-trip with DFDS, why not subscribe to our newsletter for more inspirational content about trips around the Baltics? Or check out our MiniCruise 50% off offer for a short break on the waves to the other shore. Take a virtual tour onboard to get a feel for the experience. Don't wait any longer - book your #ROADtrip with DFDS today and start creating your heartful of stories!

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