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Your Essential Travel Guide To Lubeck

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Discover Things To Do In Lubeck

Lubeck is a very picturesque city, famous for its Gothic style buildings, mouth-watering marzipans, and perhaps most famous for its fabulously beautiful Holstentor gate. Lübeck is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and has more than 1,000 historic buildings.

Explore the culture of Lübeck's Old Town and enjoy the delightful romantic cafes and stylish restaurants.

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Things to See and Do

Castle Monastery
Castle monastery was founded in 1229. It’s a special building in Lübeck, which now hosts many exhibitions and events.
Address: Hinter der Burg 2-4, Lübeck

In this shop you will not only be able to admire the confectionery, but also drink a cup of coffee and taste the world-famous marzipan or the famous nut cream cake.
Address: Breite Str. 89, Lübeck (City Hall)

Holstentor City Gate
Holstentor is a historic city gate that emerged in the 15th century and became one of the symbols of Lübeck. This historic building houses a museum introducing the Hanseatic merchants' travel by sea, the local history and medieval torture devices.
Address: Holstentorplatz, 23552 Lübeck

Lubeck - buildings


Here is a list of shopping centres, clothing and footwear stores, restaurants, wine shops and cafes to choose from when you travel to Lubeck:

  • Karstadt
  • Königpassage
  • Hüxstrasse
  • Fleischhauerstrasse: a street full of antiques, fashion, jewelery, wine shops, and various coffee shops.
  • Lindenarcaden: This shopping center is next to Lübeck Central Station. It offers a wide choice of goods, including electronics, clothing, footwear, wellness and beauty products. There are also several bistros in the center where you can relax after a long day of shopping.
Car trip

Getting to Lubeck

By car Exit the city of Kiel by following the A21. Then follow the directions towards Lübeck.

By train From Kiel Central Train Station, take the Hauptbanhof (HBF) Central Train Station to Lubeck. The train from Kiel departs every hour.

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