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Usein kysyttyä COVID-19-koronaviruksesta

DFDS is continuously and closely monitoring the recommendations from the national and international health authorities regarding Coronavirus/Covid-19. Furthermore, we are in close contact with the Danish Maritime Shipping Authorities and carefully monitoring the Coronavirus situation.

Question Answer
Are passenger DFDS routes still in operation? All passenger routes are still in operation and running to existing schedules, except for:
• Copenhagen-Oslo-Copenhagen: Temporarily suspended until 13 April 2020 at the earliest
• Amsterdam – Newcastle: Temporarily suspended until 13th of April at the earliest. Last departure from Newcastle: 22nd of March. Last departure from Amsterdam: 21st of March.
For how long will DFDS’ routes continue to operate? DFDS will continue operating its routes unless authorities implement a direct travel ban, or the border of a destination is closed.
How safe is it to travel with DFDS? As our guests' safety and security are of the highest priority, we have, in line with WHO’s recommendations, introduced measures to minimize the spread of COVID-19, as well as the regular flu viruses that flourish each year:

Information is provided to all passengers about hygiene procedures and precautions to prevent the spread of infection.
• Hand sanitizer dispensers are installed everywhere on the ship for our passengers to use.
• Ongoing touchpoint cleaning.
• The ship has established procedures for any passengers who contract the virus, including quarantine measures.
• The ships’ crew is subject to strict measures and hygiene requirements.
• The ships carry a stock of masks to limit the spread of infection, if the need should arise.
• Links to relevant authorities can be found in the list below
What are the refund policies in the current situation, if a customer decides to cancel or rebook on a route that is still in operation? For travel until 30th of April 2020, DFDS offers two alternatives:
• Free rebooking (no amendment fees apply). If the new ticket is more expensive than the original ticket, the customer will pay the difference.
• Free cancellation (no amendment fees apply) and a travel credit equivalent to the ticket price will be issued and can be used as payment on future sailings.
• In order for the above to come into effect, the customer must advise us latest 24 hours before departure
• Travel Credits expire 31 Dec 2020 and travel must be conducted latest 30 June 2021
• The travel credit is a personal travel credit and cannot be transferred to others
• This goes for individual bookings independently of booking channel (direct or 3rd parties)
• The above applies for all routes and is for ferry crossings & mini cruise only (not packages)

For further information regarding your booking, please contact us via email and remember to include your current travel date in the subject line + booking number. E-mail addresses for each country can be found in the list below.
What are the refund policies if DFDS cancels my journey? You will receive a credit voucher which you can use at a later date (travels must be conducted latest 30 June 2021), equivalent to the original ticket price. If you prefer an alternative, please contact us via e-mail and write your current travel date in the subject line + booking number. E-mail addresses can be found in the list below.
What if the price of my future journey is higher than my original ticket price? If your future journey is priced higher than the initial journey, then you must pay the difference.
What is the best way to get in contact with DFDS? The best way is to write an e-mail to us, using the relevant e-mail address found in the list below.

Our call centres are experiencing extraordinarily high call volumes right now. We promise to read and answer all e-mails as fast as we can. We appreciate your understanding and patience at this unprecedented time.
What e-mail address should I use when contacting DFDS about my booking? UK:
How do I contact the local Authorities in a specific country? USEFUL OFFICIAL LINKS















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