Pet-Friendly Cabins

Pet friendly cabin on DFDS ferry

Pet-Friendly Cabins - Copenhagen - Frederikshavn - Oslo

Taking your pet on holiday is easy on a ferry crossing from Copenhagen to Frederikshavn or Oslo. You can bring your pet on a crossing both as a foot passenger or with a vehicle and they can stay with you in a special cabin.

Our pet friendly cabins allow your pet to stay with you for the length of your journey and the vinyl flooring makes them especially pet friendly. Our cabins can sleep up to 4 people and have space for up to 2 medium sized dogs.

Please note that your pets will not be allowed access to any public areas, including outdoor decks.

Pet friendly cabin on DFDS ferry

Pet-Friendly Cabins Include

Our pet-friendly cabins have everything you need for a comfortable trip with your furry friend on our Copenhagen – Oslo route.

    4 passagiers in de hut

    4 bedden in de hut

    Pet-friendly vinyl flooring

    En suite bathroom with shower & WC

    Clothes hooks & hangers, desk & mirror

Cabins Onboard

Commodore class cabin onboard Copenhagen-Oslo

Commodore Cabin

Our Commodore cabins are spacious, with fantastic facilities to make your trip as special as possible.

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