Halloween in Gothenburg: terrific fun for all the family

Halloween in Gothenburg - Liseberg Park

Halloween in Gothenburg

This autumn go on an adventurous trip to Sweden for unforgettable experiences with your family. Travel to Gothenburg, the capital of Western Sweden, and visit the spectacular, Liseberg amusement park, which embraces the spirit of Halloween, or explore the exciting Universeum Science Centre. Travel with DFDS on your family vacation and arrive in Sweden well rested.

Halloween in Gothenburg - fairground ride

Halloween at Liseberg Park

This year, celebrate Halloween at Liseberg Amusement Park. During this time, horrifying creatures, horror houses, over 39 attractions, carousels and many food vendors will occupy the amusement park. Forget the childish superstitions about black cats, broken mirrors or ladders, when the creatures of darkness are forced into the light of day, things get serious. So, if you’velong dreamed of blood-curdling adventures for the whole family, head to Liseberg Park and experience the crazy entertainment this autumn. Opening dates: 11 to 13 October / 18-20 October / 25-27 October / 30 October - 3 November . More information available here

Halloween in Gothenburg - Universeum

Frightful experiments at Universeum Science centre

The Universeum Science Centre offers terrific adventures for curious and fearless visitors. This includes experiments in the fields of chemistry, physics, biology and technology. During your visit to the science centre you will be able to test various scientific experiments and test your knowledge of vampires, bats and other creatures. Click here for more information.

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