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Hydro is committed to shaping a sustainable future by turning natural resources into valuable products via innovative and efficient methods.

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With 30,000 employees and operating in 40 countries, Hydro is a leading industrial company committed to a sustainable future.

Client: Hydro
Industry: Metals
Headquarters: Oslo, Norway
Type: Public
Founded: 1905

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Manufacturing both aluminium poles and extrusions in the Netherlands, Hydro sought a new logistics partner with the special cargo competencies to carry out deliveries in a secure, timely and cost-effective manner. Providing specialised trailers and drivers with experience in special cargo transport, DFDS Special Cargo helped Hydro make consistently on-time deliveries and significantly reduce transport expenses.

Key results

Saved time with single point of contact
Saved time with single point of contact
Improved cost per kilo of product
Improved cost per kilo of product
Significantly reduced transport expenses
Significantly reduced transport expenses
Enabled consistent on-time delivery
Enabled consistent on-time delivery
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Hydro’s aluminium poles and aluminium extrusions pose a unique transport challenge. Not only are they long enough to require flatbeds with overhang or extendable trailers, but they are also exceedingly fragile. They are products that demand an in-depth understanding in order to handle and transport in a swift and secure manner. Both the pole products and extrusions are picked up from the Hydro plant in Drunen, NL and shipped via ferry to Ireland and the UK. Extrusions are also transported from Lichtervelde, BE to Ireland and the UK, as well as from Harderwijk, NL to Germany, Ireland, and the UK. Beyond seeking a high-quality carrier that could properly handle its delicate goods, the company also wished for a carrier that could help meet several transport-related goals - namely, to decrease the number of carriers used and cut transport expenses in the Benelux.

"DFDS Special Cargo are specialists in flatbed transport, which for us was a very important factor in finding the right carrier.

With DFDS, we have one dedicated contact for our entire solution".

Geert Huisman, Transport Planner at Hydro Pole Products

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Leveraging a large fleet of flatbeds and extendable trailers, DFDS approached the partnership with Hydro by focusing on flexibility and secure handling. DFDS offered Hydro a team of specialised drivers that have experience with aluminium and expertise in transporting fragile products. As a single point of contact for the entire transport operation, DFDS enabled Hydro to carry out urgent bookings without delay and execute multiple deliveries from a single load. Furthermore, with DFDS Direct, DFDS helped Hydro better organise export documents and more efficiently navigate Brexit-induced challenges. In addition to special cargo services, the partnership with Hydro has expanded to encompass its tautliner transport, where DFDS also ensures fast and secure deliveries to help Hydro meet transport related KPIs.

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8 port terminals
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Logistics locations
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