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Trakai castle, Lithuania

Baltijos šalys: kultūros, gamtos ir istorijos prieglobstis


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Baltijos šalys išsiskiria nuostabiu kraštovaizdžiu ir gražiais miestais, kupinais paveldo bei kultūros. Čia kiekvienas ras ką nors įdomaus sau, pradedant nacionaline virtuve, baigiant pasivaikščiojimu puikiomis ilgomis pakrantėmis. Klaidžiokite po jaukius kaimelius, traukite apsipirkti ir grožėkitės gamta.

Plaukite Karlshamno – Klaipėdos, Kapelskaro–Paldiskio arba Kylio–Klaipėdos maršrutais ir atvykite į kelionės tikslą pailsėję bei atsipalaidavę.

Trakai Castle - Lithuania

Exploring Lithuania

In Lithuania you will find a fascinating culture, breath-taking nature and fantastic food. The capital city of Vilnius is a mixture of baroque architecture and modern culture, with many stately churches and museums to enjoy.

The country is full of ancient castles, green hills and beautiful medieval edifices. A trip to Trakai Island Castle is a must. Wander across the wooden footbridge from the mainland to reach the fairy tale castle.

Tallin, Estonia

Popular Estonia

Estonia is about to become one of Northern Europe's most popular travel destinations. It has a range of beautiful beaches and ancient forests perfect for adventures involving sports, fishing and camping. Alternatively, stroll along winding avenues in Estonia's largest city, Tallinn. Stop by the magnificent Town Hall Square and admire the impressive architecture. Tallinn is still completely enclosed by a medieval wall. There are several top-class hotels and a rich selection of restaurants, pubs, nightclubs and cafés.

Baltic camping

Camping in Latvia

Be impressed by the versatility of Latvia and stop by with your RV in various locations in Latvia. Discover the Latvian Baltic Sea with its remote beaches and coasts and picturesque little villages. Another destination that you should definitely plan is the Latvian capital Riga. The city is often referred to as the "Paris of the East" and belongs to your beautiful old town to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. In and around Riga there are many different options for your perfect camping holiday in Latvia. Also worth a visit is the largest and oldest national park called Gauja. The area attracts many visitors and is known for having the largest number of lakes in the country.

Mūsų maršrutai į Baltijos šalis

Kelionių vadovai

Bilietų kainos priklauso nuo likusių laisvų vietų skaičiaus. Taikomi mokesčiai užsakant telefonu. Taikomos sąlygos. Taikoma kuro priemoka.