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Getting a complete overview of a huge operation

A large European car manufacturer faced challenges in obtaining a comprehensive overview and planning for their international production and distribution network. They approached DFDS to create a customised multimodal solution.


A need for production and distribution 

A large European car manufacturer wanted to ensure seamless planning, control and visibility throughout their international multi-modal production and distribution network. Key to the project was being able to drive supply chain execution and enable full governance and control of complex processes across multiple modes and locations.  

Central to their needs was a control tower solution able to deal with high-volume fluctuations and handle peaks and production stops. It needed to be precise and reliable from pick up through to delivery. They approached DFDS because of our extensive experience in driving and sustaining complex supply chain logistics. 

DFDS, cargo, warehouse
A warehouse containing manufactured automotive parts.


A tailored control tower solution 

Here’s how we solved their challenge.  

We started by designing a control tower solution that included 24/7 service and made sure it could handle automotive production and deliver flow on sea and by road. 

We then invested in special equipment to suit the nature, volume, and speed of the supply chain to ensure that everything runs smoothly and can shipped and delivered on time to every location along the way. 


The control tower provides our customer with complete visibility and command over their logistics flow. Since its introduction, they have improved and tightened the way they manufacture and deliver new cars which is optimised capacity.  

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