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Our multimodal solutions

DFDS’ multimodal transport solutions are fast, seamless and environmentally sustainable, thanks to our strategically placed terminals, purpose-built vessels, high-frequency rail services, and high-capacity network.

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Why choose multimodal transport

Multimodal transport means using various modes of transport in one transport booking. It means moving cargo from origin to destination by several modes of transport under one single contract. The same transport carrier is responsible for moving the shipment all the way, in all modes.

Choosing a DFDS multimodal transport solution means choosing a one stop shop service with great geographical reach and flexibility, where we handle every single aspect of your goods transport for you. This means efficient delivery times, reduced inventory costs, and minimising your logistics coordination expenses.

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Specialists for every industry

Our dedicated and experienced teams provide you with the expertise and service you need to move forward in your particular industry.

We know all about transporting temperature-controlled and high value goods, warehousing, using fourth-party logistics services and other issues you deal with as someone who moves goods across Europe and Türkiye.

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Intermodal transport services for UK and Italian importers/exporters

DFDS provides UK and Italian importers and exporters with fast, efficient, and environmentally friendly intermodal service.

Choosing an intermodal transport solution means that you can select carriers for each leg of a shipment based on price or service, and more flexibility in carrier choice if there is an equipment or space issue.

Why choose DFDS for multimodal transport?

Specialised equipment

Whether you are transporting smaller consignments, part-loads or full loads, DFDS’ asset-based network and strategic rail, road and sea links help us provide you with flexible and tailor-made solutions that fit your specific, door-to-door transportation needs. We tailor our services with the help of our vast selection of specialised equipment, such as:

  • Double-deck trailers

  • Semi-deck fridge trailers

  • Box vans with tail lifts

  • Sliding roof, curtain-sided swap-bodies that allow full cargo access from all sides

  • State-of-the-art 13.60m ambient and refrigerated swap-bodies offer higher payloads than conventional road transport

  • Timetables designed to keep transit times at a minimum

Freight terminal in Immingham, UK

Cut emissions as well as costs

DFDS’ own rail service between strategically placed terminals near Milan provides direct links between the the rest of Europe and Italy's industrial heartlands, reducing the distance travelled by road and avoiding road congestion.

  • Rail transport can reduce:

  • Carbon dioxide emissions by up to 90%

  • Hydrocarbon emissions by up to 95%

  • Sulphur dioxide emissions by up to 76%

  • Nitrogen oxide emissions by up to 95%

  • Particulates emissions by up to 90%


Multimodal, reduced emission

Get strategic port access

DFDS provides container shipping services between Continental Europe and Ireland, Norway and Rotterdam. Thanks to a reliable sailing schedule, flexible solutions, and centrally-located ports that are close to inland road and rail infrastructure, we can provide both intermodal and multimodal transport solutions, moving your cargo quickly and efficiently.

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Our terminals

In Norway, DFDS offers efficient port handling of goods at our terminals in Oslo, Moss, Brevik, and Kristiansand.

Our services and expertise include:

  • Handling of unit loads such as trailers and containers, automobiles, and industrial goods

  • Warehousing facilities

  • Distribution of unitised cargo and heavy project cargo