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Working is more than a job

Taking responsibility for all we do. DFDS is responsible for many employees, their working conditions, safety and health at work.

We help to safeguard the infrastructure and supply of goods. We are responsible for our passengers’ safety, for our customers’ freight, and for operating as responsibly as possible in relation to all our stakeholders and the environment.

What is Professionals?

Professionals is a new recruitment service from DFDS based in Sweden. It represents our first step towards establishing a pool of talented candidates with the specific skill sets required to meet the rapidly changing needs of Sweden’s logistics and industry companies.

Our goal is to provide flexible access to the right people at the right time for companies in our business areas throughout Sweden, while also offering a variety of career opportunities and career paths to potential employees. By ensuring that people with the appropriate skills, expertise, and knowledge are available where and when needed, we can help fuel the ambitions of fast-growing companies who need to adapt quickly to changing market demands.

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About us

The DFDS Group has 10,000 employees located across 25 countries and provides shipping and logistics services in Europe generating annual revenues of EUR 2.0bn. DFDS was founded in 1866, is headquartered in Copenhagen, and listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen.

Professionals is a recruitment and staffing service within the DFDS Group aiming to be the natural choice for professionals within logistics and industry in Sweden. In Sweden, DFDS have about 900 employees working in different officies, with the biggest location Gothenburg.

We offer value to our customers through flexible business models, experienced employees, and operational knowledge.

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