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Trieste terminal

Trieste terminal

The Port of Trieste is the northernmost port in the Mediterranean and affords access to western and central Europe.

View from above of the DFDS Freight vessel UN Karadeniz at the Trieste terminal

The Free Port zone in Trieste means that goods arriving from abroad by sea may transit freely and be sent to their foreign destinations. The port's special extra-customs status makes it the ideal port for Europe-bound cargo traffic from the Eastern Mediterranean, offering a significant advantage to U.N. Ro-Ro customers, as it’s not available at any other port in the Mediterranean.

Once extra EU goods are imported, they may benefit from a 180 day delay in the payment of customs duties, VAT and excise duties; no limit of time on the storage of goods, no bank guarantee is due as long as the goods are in the Free Port. The harbor duties are lower than in the other Italian ports, transit for commercial vehicles directed abroad are simplified.

Given the limited number of annual transit permits the Italian government provides to Turkey, the free status of the Port of Trieste is one of the key attractions for Turkish freight operators using U.N. Ro-Ro’s short sea shipping service.

A reach stacker vehicle moving containers towards a crane at the DFDS Freight terminal in Trieste

Cargo handled

Trieste terminal can handle many types of cargo including standard units (semi-trailers, complete units, and long units), all types of containers and non-standard cargoes, as well as heavy-lift operations.

DFDS-Trieste 521

Vessel handling

The total area of Trieste port is 2,300,000m² and the Riva Traiana Terminal, where U.N. Ro-Ro docks, is 185,00m² and has three ramps dedicated to RORO ships. Trieste Ports is used for crude oil, Ro-Ro shipping, container and general cargo.

Trucks and containers lining up to enter the vessel at the DFDS Freight terminal in Trieste

Strategic location

The Port of Trieste is the northernmost port in the Mediterranean and affords access to western and central Europe.

Wels (ISU) and Bettembourg trains, as well as Duisburg , Ludwigshafen and Munich trains, operate from the same terminal. Turkish Ro-Ro operators are fully utilising the Ro-Ro terminals of Trieste due to frequent service and high traffic. An administrative building is located in the terminal for agency and customs. In addition, Ro-Lo terminal between Trieste and Salzburg is located in the Riva Triana Terminal.

Port of Trieste offers an easy connection to European highways. Riva Triana terminal is operated by Samer Seaports & Terminals Srl.

Terminal Capabilities

Terminal services/equipment
  • Agency services
  • All types of handling services
  • Veterinary border check point
Special competences
  • Unique status for Turkish trucking companies (Free Port Status)
  • Long term concession
  • Northernmost port in the Mediterranean (access to the European hinterland)
  • Largest Ro-Ro terminal in Trieste with 3 berthing slots dedicated to RORO ships and 1 for general cargo ships
Warehouse facilities
  • Three warehouses with a total of 44,000m² of space
Terminal security
  • 24/7, ISPS-compliant

Trieste Terminal


Porto di Trieste, Loc. Pun Franco Nuovo Riva Traiana Stabilimento di Samer 34123 Trieste Italy