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Full-loads FTL and FCL transport  

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Our full load solutions

Are you looking to transport a full container load (FCL)? Or a full trailer load (FTL)? Our state-of-the-art, high-volume equipment ensures that your cargo will arrive in perfect condition, every time.

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FTL or FCL: Which transport solution is right for you?  

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Full truck load

FTL transport is for shipments that require the entire available space of a truck. Your goods stay in one truck from your starting point to your destination. Once your shipment is packed, it will not move until it’s unpacked.

FTL services are ideal for businesses looking for exclusive space to move high value, high-risk items or heavy haul items across long distances. FTL is also used for smaller shipments.

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Full container load

FCL means that the whole container is intended for one shipper. You do not necessarily have to completely fill the container – even if you cannot use every square metre, it may still be the cheaper method to use such type of transport.

Usually, if you have 12 pallets or more, FCL freight is likely to be the better solution. If you have large amounts of fragile goods, you might want to choose an FCL transport solution.

Pan-European service. Specific expertise

DFDS's transport portfolio includes both ambient and temperature-controlled units. With our multimodal capabilities, industry-specific expertise and extensive experience across road, rail and sea, we offer flexible and cost-effective full-load service you can trust, whatever the weight and size of your goods.

Equipment designed by an expert: you

Whatever your transportation requirements, we can help. We listen and work hard to understand and meet your particular needs. We continually look for ways to develop the type and range of equipment we use to get your goods from A to B – to optimise your loading capacity by volume, weight or pallet.

The environment requires we use smart solutions

New green technology is a top priority for both DFDS and our customers. DFDS leads the industry in emission-reducing technology, and we are constantly searching for innovative and intelligent ways to reduce our impact even further.  

We purchase new reefer containers that use carbon dioxide, which is non-ozone depleting and reduces the global warming impact of the cooling system to a fraction of that of conventional cooling systems. When we replace trucks, we invest in vehicles that pollute less, +95% of all DFDS trucks are category Euro 5 or 6. 

With an increased height of 4.65 metres, the new double-deck trailers allow us to carry a higher volume of palletised loads within the same vehicle footprint. As a result, DFDS has been able to reduce the number of journeys it makes. Also, 99% of the materials used in the production process are recyclable.

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Our equipment includes:

  • Reefer equipment (reefer trailers and reefer containers)
  • Dry cargo trailers
  • Swap-bodies
  • Containers

Discover the DFDS Way

Our customers value our logistics expertise and industry-specific knowledge. Discover how our full load container or full load truck transport services could make your business go faster and be more efficient.

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In our logistics booking system you will be able to:

  • Create, edit, or cancel a booking 
  • Track a unit or consignment
  • Download invoices, statistics, and KPIs 
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