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Aura Seaways

Aura Seaways and Luna Seaways

Aura Seaways
Aura Seaways
Aura Seaways
Cabin in Aura Seaways

What's inside?

Are you ready for change and memorable trips? The DFDS ferry family has been joined by two new ferries, the Aura Seaways and the Luna Seaways. These two large ferries will run on the routes Klaipeda-Karlshamn and Klaipeda-Kiel to make your trip and rest as pleasant as possible.

Each ship has 250 cabins that can accommodate 600 passengers. Cargo capacity of ships reaches 4.5 thousand linear meters. In other words, they can hold up to 4.5 km of cars parked in a row. Compared to other ferries, these ferries do not have a seating area, everyone is allowed to stay in cabins, and there are separate areas for truck drivers and passengers.

Aura Seaways

Aura Seaways trip

December 2019 - block assembly works in China
January 2020 - keel-laying ceremony
November 2020 - ferry launch
May 2021 - the first marine test
October 2021 - the second maritime test
November 2021 - ferry construction completed
December 2021 - ferry leaves a yard in China
January 2022 - first sailing

The ferry arrived in Lithuania on the route Guangzhou – Singapore – Suez Canal – Malta – Karlshamn – Klaipėda.

Luna Seaways

Luna Seaways trip

April 2020 - keel-laying ceremony
January 2021 - ferry launch
January 2022 - marine test
February 2022 - ferry construction completed, official acceptance of the ship
March 4, 2022 - ferry left the yard in China
April 29, 2022 – potential first sailing

The ferry arrived in Lithuania on the route Guangzhou (China) - Busan (South Korea) -Singapore-Suez Canal-Malta-Gibraltar-Copenhagen-Klaipeda.

Aura Seaways

For a more comfortable journey

Aura Seaways and Luna Seaways are ferries friendly for travelling families. Comfortable private cabins, Pirate’s Island by Curiocity children’s room, alternatives to children’s dishes can be found in the ferry restaurants, and children’s goods are available in the shop.

Separate rest areas are provided for the convenience of passengers. Drivers are invited to relax in the Road Kings Bar and Swedish-style restaurant on Deck 10. Other passengers can visit the bars and restaurants on Deck 9.

Ferries are friendly for those travelling with their pets. They have more cabins for pets.

Aura Seaways and Luna Seaways do not have a reclining seat area - all passengers are accommodated in cabins.

Aura Seaways

Information about the ferry

Aura Seaways and Luna Seaways are 230 meters long and 32 meters wide. The ships develop a speed of 23 knots (up to 40 km/h). The ship can carry 12,750 tons of cargo.

The ferries are scrubber-fitted and therefore comply with the latest EEDI (Energy Efficiency Design Index) requirements. It is estimated that the CO2 emissions attributed to one trailer are approximately 20% lower than on other ferries on the Klaipeda-Karlshamn and Klaipeda-Kiel routes.

There is 106 sq. m. size store in each ferry, 3 restaurants (buffet and fine dining). There are 3 bars (Lighthouse Café, Navigator's Bar, Road Kings) and a children’s room created in collaboration with the Curiocity Educational Centre.

Onboard facilities

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