Efteling Theme Park


The magical Efteling theme park in Holland makes for the perfect family getaway. Discover an enchanting world of wonders, perfect for young and old alike, where fairy tales come to life! The park boasts numerous awards, including being crowned Best Theme Park in the World at the Theme Park Insider Awards 2017 as well as by Luxury Travel Guide in 2018

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Discover Efteling

Discover Efteling in spring as the entire park blossoms with the national tulip flower. The Enchanted Forest begins bursting with effusions of wildflowers and the warming weather makes for an idyllic boat trip.

Efteling is a world of adventures, where children and adults can experience fairy tales first-hand with whimsical forest creatures, deadly dragons, noble knights and more.


Rides and Shows

Witness the stunning choreographed tale of Raveleijn, where trained horsemen and swordsmen re-enact a family struggling to overthrow the evil overlord of a mythical land. With a fantasy fairy tale forest, featuring an animatronic tree which speaks and tells stories, and a host of singing mushrooms around it, children are sure to be enthralled. Symbolica: Palace of Fantasy plays on perception, proving nothing is as it seems. Clandestine passageways open into magical chambers, perfect for the whole family.

Onboard Experience

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Our unique dining experiences onboard include an international buffet and a luxurious à la carte restaurant when you sail between Newcastle and Amsterdam.



Once you’ve explored the park, settle down in your comfortable accommodation. The traditional Dutch houses in the Bosrijk Village let you relax and unwind amongst beautiful natural landscapes. Some of the houses even have a sauna or jacuzzi. The self-catering options boast nearby restaurants where you can grab a bite to eat. You can even order pizzas to be delivered to your house. There's a little shop where you'll find croissants, pastries, bread and more, too.

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