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Boarding Procedure-Routes from Spain to Morocco
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OPE/Marhaba 2024

If your summer plans include traveling to Morocco (from June 15 to September 15) through the ports of Tarifa or Algeciras, it's helpful to know the following details provided by the Spanish Authorities:

  • Plan your journey and ensure your ticket is confirmed with a date and time. Travel worry-free.
  • Issue your ticket at least 6 hours before departure to ensure a peaceful trip.
  • Enjoy your journey on the day and time indicated on your ticket for a faster boarding process.
  • For swift boarding, we recommend arriving at the port within 6 hours prior to departure.

How does this affect me?

You will have to buy your tickets in advance with a fixed date for the day you are going to travel and you will board faster.

Travel from Tarifa To Tangier Ville

Is a confirmed ticket required on all routes?

Yes, a confirmed ticket is necessary for entry to any of the ports we operate. The routes operated by DFDS are:

Tarifa - Tangier Ville

Algeciras - Tangier Med

Algeciras – Ceuta

*During the Marhaba period, boarding at the Port of Tarifa is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Port of Tarifa_Strait of Gibraltar

How can I change the date of my tickets?

For DFDS routes to Morocco you can modify your tickets without any cost or additional fees.Therefore, we recommend securing your ticket as early as possible with a set date and, should your plans change, you are free to make all necessary adjustments at no charge. This ensures you’ll have guaranteed access to the port.

How can I change my ticket's date? It's quite simple, you can change it through the following methods: