Your Essential Travel Guide To Driving In Belgium

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Discover Things To Do Whilst Driving In Belgium

Belgium is perfectly located for a driving holiday from either of our ports in Dunkirk or Calais, as well as our Amsterdam port.

Once you’re in Belgium you’ll find driving an absolute breeze, as the country has an excellent toll-free motorway network, as well as very well-maintained A roads which provide a more scenic route to your destination.

The only issue that you’re likely to encounter comes from the two different languages used in the country, Flemish and French. Although some signs show names in both languages generally in the north they are in Flemish and in the south they’re in French.

Driving in Belgium - people near car

Belgian driving laws

  • As in the UK, wearing seatbelts is a legal requirement.
  • Drivers must carry a reflective vest
  • Every vehicle with 4 wheels must carry a warning triangle
  • Whilst not compulsory, it is recommended that you carry a first aid kit
  • Children under 1.35m must be seated in a child seat or restraint, or in the rear of a car with a seat belt.
Driving in Belgium - speed limit

Speed limits

  • Built up areas: 31mph or 50km/h
  • Outside built up areas: 55mph or 100km/h
  • Dual carriageways and motorways: 75mph or 120km/h
Driving in Belgium - UK sticker

Essential items

  • GB sticker, unless the registration plates have the GB logo on them
  • Registration and insurance documents
  • Headlight converters
  • Motorcyclists must wear a crash helmet and use dipped headlights at all times
Family in car

Additional information

  • All drivers in Belgium must have 3rd party insurance or above
  • When overtaking a cyclist or moped rider there should be a distance of least 1m between them and the overtaking vehicle.
  • If the carriageway is too narrow, then the driver may use the side of the path provided that pedestrians are not put in any danger.

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