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Your Essential Travel Guide To Wembley Stadium


Learn About English Football And Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium is the largest football stadium in England, and the home of English football. This famous ground hosts England home games, as well as many other significant fixtures including the NFL games in 2018 and the FA Cup Final in 2017. Situated in North West London, Wembley is a must-visit for any football fan, whether it’s on a matchday or you just want to explore this famous ground.

Wembley stadium

What can you do at the Stadium

Wembley is probably the most iconic stadium in the UK and makes a fascinating place to visit on non-matchdays as well as when there’s a game on. Wembley has hosted many significant events over the years, from Olympic matches to FA cup finals.

You can take a tour of the stadium on non-matchdays, where you can see the England dressing room, the player tunnel, the press room, among other attractions. You’ll also have the chance to see the stadium from pitch-side and a get a feel for what it’s like to play in front of such a huge crowd.

Wembley Stadium

FA Cup Final History

The FA Cup is the oldest football competition in the world, with the first final taking place on the 16th March 1872 at the Kennington Oval, London. The 1872 title winners were Wanderers, who narrowly beat the Royal Engineers 1-0 in the inaugural final.

The climax of the English football season moved to the old Wembley stadium for the 1923 final and was primarily hosted at this venue until 2000, when the ground was demolished to make way for the present Wembley stadium. The first final to take place at the current Wembley stadium was the 2007 final between Chelsea and Manchester United, which the London club won 1-0.

Wembley Park Station

What to see in Wembley

London is home to an endless array of things to see and do, from beautiful parks to fascinating museums, as well as fantastic shopping and restaurants. Wembley itself has a vibrant high street just down the road from the stadium, as well as a stunning Hindu temple built entirely from Indian limestone.

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