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Hanko, Finland


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Hanko is a small town by the sea, but it offers many things to discover. Known as Finland's top summer destination, it has 30 km of its 130 km coastline covered with sandy beaches.

Attractiions - Hanko
Hanko H2 - Water tower


There are many beach activities in Hanko. During the summer you can enjoy various activities on Plagen beach such as mini golf, beach volleyball and beach sailing. When travelling to Hanko, you won't have to worry about leaving your pets at home. Hanko is a dog-friendly city, where dogs are welcome in most accomodations, restaurants and cafes. Unfortunately dogs are not allowed on public beaches.

The water tower is another attraction worth seeing in Hanko. Known as the symbol of Hanko, it is located 65 metres above sea level and offers a spectacular view over the city.

If you are intrigued by history, we recommend visiting the lighthouses on 3 islands near Hanko: Gustavsvärn , the Russaro lighthouse, also called the "Hanko Eye" and the Bengtskär , the highest lighthouse in the Nordic countries.


Outdoor activities

Hanko and its surrounding area offer many possibilities for outdoor activities. Tulliranta beach, with its beautiful sand dunes is well-known for various water sports such as surf or snorkelling. During the summer, you can aslo go horse riding or play golf and tennis. Cycling is also a big thing in Hanko: there is a very good network of bicycle lanes in Finland that will allow you to discover Hanko on a 19 km marked bicycle path around the city. If the weather is not good enough, you will still have a chance to have fun indoors with activities such as bowling, billiards, yoga or climbing.

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Restaurants and cafes

Restaurants in Hanko offer seasonal dishes such as fried flounder, perch, crabs, lamb and vegetables. The famous Hanko casino , which dates back to 1879, offers beautiful beach views and music, in addition to food tasting experiences. Local cafes and small bakeries offer delicacies from sandwiches to sweet pastries. Don't forget to visit the "Four Wind House" historically known for local delicacies served with a beautiful seas view.

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