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Fishing in Norway - Photo credit: VisitNorway.com - Hero

Your Essential Travel Guide To Fishing In Norway

Fishing in Norway - Jølstraholmen
Roasting fish Norway
Fishing in Norway - Photo credit: M Wendt - VisitNorway.com

Discover Where To Go For Fishing In Norway

Norway is the perfect place for anyone who enjoys fishing, boasting 1190 fjords, the second longest coastline in the world and endless lakes and rivers. This gives you the freedom to decide whether you would prefer freshwater, saltwater or deep-sea fishing. You can even venture north to the Arctic Circle where, during the summer, you can fish under midnight sun. Norway also hosts the annual World Championship in cod fishing.

Fishing is a huge part of the country’s culture and heritage. You’ll be able to fish anything from cod and mackerel to trout, pike and salmon.

Fishing in Norway - Photo credit: Benjamin A Ward - VisitNorway.com

Freshwater Fishing

When it comes to freshwater fishing, Norway offers top-class trout fishing in the stunning lakes, with beautiful surrounding forests and mountains. Lakes and ponds are full of more than 40 different species of freshwater fish, such as trout, pike, grayling, carp and perch. You’ll have to pay a local fishing license fee before you start. The local tourist office can provide further information useful for your stay.

Fishing in Norway

Salmon Fishing

For salmon fishing, visit Tana, the most productive area of Norway for catching salmon, offering a number of locations for avid fishers. Over 250km of the Tana river makes up an extensive part of the border between Norway and Finland and is one of the largest Atlantic salmon rivers across the globe.

Fishing on a boat in Voss, Norway

Deep-sea Fishing

Along the entire Norwegian coastline, you will find fantastic coastal and deep-sea fishing, but the best places are in Lofoten. If you don't like to be out fishing out on the open ocean waters you can always stand by the coast or the beach, but the biggest fish swim in the deepest waters. The most common species of fish you could catch are cod, mackerel and saithe, but you may also find unusual species such as catfish and halibut.

Image Credit: Raistra1 - Pixabay

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