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This trip is ideal for getting an overview of what Holland has to offer outside of its capital. Discover cities with nostalgic buildings and history that bring you closer to The Netherlands like never before.

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Book a ferry to Amsterdam and enjoy the crossing with a range of restaurants, bars and our Duty Free shop where you can save up to 50% vs the high street.

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Holland’s Hidden Gems – explore the outskirts of Amsterdam and more

Choose one from our selection of exclusive hotels and visit some of the most beautiful cities in The Netherlands.

If you enjoy a day at the beach, choose to stay in IJmuiden as the hotel is located just 150 meters from the beach. Wake up to the sound of the sea and take in the salty sea air. This location is also ideal if you would like to visit the historic city Haarlem (also called Little Amsterdam) or the beach in Zandvoort and Bloemendaal.

Prefer to soak up the culture? Then Utrecht is a great option for you. Visit the heart of the historic city of Utrecht, which is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities of the Netherlands. The ruin of a Roman fortification hides beneath the city centre, and medieval buildings are found on every street – including those of the 17th-century Utrecht University.

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Den Haag

Den Haag, Almere & Vinkeveen

Why not enjoy the best of both worlds and stay in The Hague, where you can choose to stay right in the middle of Scheveningen Beach in the city centre. Take a stroll along the boulevard and sip on a cocktail in one of the city's chic beach clubs. Or head to the city centre of The Hague and visit one of the many museums.

Almere is one of the youngest cities in the Netherlands. It is a very modern city located just across the IJmeer from Amsterdam. Recommended if you want to escape the busy life in Amsterdam and enjoy some modern architecture or nature. This is a great opportunity to visit the ongoing Floriade expo in Almere!

Ready to enjoy some time out in nature? Why not stay in the Vinkeveen countryside, only a 15-minute car journey from Amsterdam. Enjoy the view of Vinkerveen’s Lakes, perfect for some water fun with the family.

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