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Wildlife watching experience onboard Newcastle-Amsterdam

Wildlife Watching Experience with ORCA

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Dive into Marine Conservation: ORCA Experience Aboard!

Join our exclusive ORCA programme onboard King Seaways and Princess Seaways from April till October. Spot harbour porpoises, minke whales, bottlenose dolphins, and more!

Guided by ORCA experts, delve into marine wonders and the conservation efforts safeguarding them. Discover the ORCA Wildlife Centre on King Seaways or the Wildlife Nook on Princess Seaways and our collective role in marine conservation.

No matter which ship you travel on, the spirit of discovery and conservation awaits you onboard with ORCA. Join us in preserving and celebrating the marine wonders that make every voyage unforgettable!

Join Forces for Marine Conservation!

Wildlife charity ORCA works to protect the marine environment. They offer educational and research programmes and provide a forum onboard King and Seaways Seaways for our colleagues and passengers. Together they share their experiences and knowledge about whales, dolphins, seabirds, and other sea creatures.

DFDS and ORCA are working together to raise awareness of the importance of marine conservation. When you travel with us, you can be part of it through:

  • Spotting Spectacular Wildlife: Get ready for thrilling bird, whale, and dolphin watching experiences (weather permitting)!
  • Kids’ Activity Extravaganza: Exciting workshops, creative competitions, activity books, and more await our young explorers!
  • Educational Delights for Adults: Engage your curiosity with insightful presentations by our Ocean Conservationists.

Ready to Dive In? Contact our passionate Ocean Conservationists for more information and be part of something truly extraordinary!

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I-Spy at sea with ORCA

ORCA have now made their data collection app OceanWatchers available to everyone! Explore the app's I-Spy at sea function, learn about the wildlife across our DFDS routes, and record your own sightings while onboard. At the end of your sailing, you might find yourself wanting to become a trained OceanWatcher yourself. Find out more about I-Spy at sea!

Book a Wildlife Mini Cruise and join ORCA onboard!

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DFDS ferry to Newcastle from Amsterdam

Onboard Newcastle-Amsterdam

Our overnight ferry crossings between Newcastle and Amsterdam boast an array of fantastic onboard facilities, including bars, restaurants, shopping and more.


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