Case study: Outokumpu


Outokumpu needed a transport solution, capable of moving crude stainless steel products, in varying stages of the production process, between their mills in Sweden, UK and Germany. These mills are located in Avesta, Degerfors, Sheffield and Krefeld.

Additionally, Outokumpu needed a flexible solution that allows for full-load shipments to reduce lead times and optimise efficiency and cost throughout production and at the same time increase reliability.


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DFDS created a fully customised intermodal system in which dedicated equipment is always on reserve at key ports and freight yards across DFDS’ European network. One of the key features is the availability of over 200 intermodal flats for Outokumpu at any one time. Intermodal flats can be transported via rail and sea and are purpose built by DFDS for the transportation of steel products. Combined with daily departures, this allowed for reduced lead times and the ability to send rush orders when last-minute shipments are needed.

Furthermore, the availability of specialist steel handling equipment at DFDS ports, including a 100 tonne crane at Immingham and a dedicated straddle crane in Gothenburg, has further reduced shipment times.

Our Equipment

Equipment Measurements Max payload Max weight
TLIU 12.2 m x 2.57 m 85 tonne (TARA= KCI + TLIU) 90 tonne
Coil cassette 12.2 m x 2.6 m 83 tonne 90 tonne
Trailer 13.6 m x 2.48 m x 1.85 m 23-24 tonne coil 25-28 tonne


DFDS’ custom solution provided Outokumpu with reduced lead times through daily departures, which in turn clearly reduces costs across the supply chain. Additionally, due to frequency of departures it means that inventory is minimized, with the stainless steel arriving just in time for the next stage of the production process, further aiding cost reduction and increasing efficiency and reliability.

The quality of DFDS’ solution means we have maintained a successful relationship with Outokumpu for some 20 years.

"DFDS has shown great commitment to our business and assisting us in the normal day to day business, as well as dealing with peak deliveries. Hence, we’ve also extended our cooperation to cover the supply to our German mills from our facility in Avesta, Sweden. We are also in close contact with DFDS to find new routes and solutions which contributes to increasing the efficiency of our business,” says Ronald van Dodewaard, SCM Transport Manager for Europe in Outokumpu.

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Client details

Customer: Outokumpu

Industry: Metal

Product Type: Stainless steel

Turnover: EUR 6.4 billion (2017)

Crude Capacity: 3.1 million tonnes

Employees: Over 10,000 people

We provided

  • Fully customised intermodal system
  • Reduced lead times and the ability to send rush orders
  • 200 intermodal flats at any one time
  • Specialist steel handling equipment

"The service, flexibility and reliability of the solution provided has been proven over the past years and allows us to quickly react on any changes within our Supply Chain", says Ronald van Dodewaard, SCM Transport Manager for Europe in Outokumpu.