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Choose a break in Calais and the Hauts-de-France region and discover all the facets of this historic city, as well as the local coastline and preserved natural environment.

Calais is separated into two distinct parts, the old town, known as Calais-Nord, and the modern town, known as St-Pierre. Calais-Nord is located on a unique man-made island bordered by canals and harbours, while St-Pierre lies further to the south, and houses the city’s bustling shopping and restaurant district.

Image Credit: Office de Calais Tourisme Côte d’Opale

Shopping in Calais

Shopping in Calais

Many British tourists travel to Calais to visit French supermarkets and pick up excellent deals on local produce. The city’s most popular high street is the Rue Royale, which has been extensively renovated in recent years and is now home to a wide range of boutiques, cafes and bars. Head to Marques Avenue for great prices on famous names including Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Nike, Calvin Klein and Guess can all be found among the dozens of designer shops all housed under one roof.

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Calais on the Coast

For panoramic city and ocean scenes take the steep but rewarding climb up Calais Lighthouse. On a clear day you can see the famous white cliffs of Dover and on a stormy one you can enjoy the dramatic natural scenes on the English Channel.

Fill your lungs with fresh sea air and enjoy long walks down Calais’ expansive coastline. The beaches are also great for both relaxing and water sports. At the summit of Cap Blanc Nez, observe this magnificent, craggy landscape and it’s striking chalky hue.

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