Dieppe: the gateway to Normandy

Dieppe Boat

Discover Dieppe

Surrounded by spectacular limestone cliffs, Dieppe is primarily a fishing town, with a picturesque marina and characteristically French architecture. The 19th century saw Dieppe become the popular seaside resort that it is today, with a surplus of excellent bars and restaurants serving up fresh, local seafood. Penetrate the central streets of the town through narrow pathways from the marina and beachfront and discover a hidden world of cobbled pathways, endearing boulangeries and beautiful architecture such as the Church of Saint-Remy.

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Dieppe Beach

A seaside retreat

Dieppe’s pretty pebble beach is great for swimming and sunbathing. The beach is flanked by dramatic limestone cliffs and has famously inspired paintings by the likes of Monet and Gaugin. The promenade, which is more than a mile long, is a large lawn and children’s play area. From the harbour you can see the fishing boats in the marina and explore the many lovely waterside restaurants specialising in fresh fish.
Along the seafront are many memorials commemorating World War II.

Dieppe kite festival

Kite Festival: A taste of culture

Villa Perrotte, an art gallery located in the heart of Dieppe, was originally an art deco hotel built in 1928 and houses works of art that are exhibited throughout the year.

The Castle Museum, built of flint and sandstone, sits on the west cliffs and overlooks the city. This ancient monument now houses one of the best ivory carving collections in Europe, as well as nautical artefacts and sculptures of local sailors dating back to the 16th century. You can also see paintings by Renoir, Boudin, Lebourg and Pissaro and engravings by Braque.

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