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Your Essential Travel Guide to Normandy

Visit Normandy

What to do in Normandy

An unforgettable getaway to France is just across the channel! Take a UK to Normandy ferry and arrive in the heart of Seine-Maritime in just 4 hours.

Rich in history and boasting stunning coastal areas as well as picturesque French villages, you won’t want to miss a visit to this beautiful region. Take a ferry to Normandy and upon disembarkation in Dieppe, you’ll be just over 2 and a half hours away from Disneyland Paris, and even closer to the City of Love itself.

There are endless opportunities to discover in Normandy. From speciality gastronomy to breath-taking countryside, there is something for everyone.

Looking for a getaway to Normandy with everything taken care of? Check out our three fantastic Normandy city break packages, which includes both ferry transport and hotel accommodation in Le Havre, Dieppe or Rouen.

Normandy - Mont St Michel

What to see in Normandy?

Immerse yourself in the beauty and history of Normandy! For your cultural indulgences, one of the region’s most famous landmarks is Mont St Michel, an island commune that defies time with its traditional cobbled streets and abbey perched on a rock above the village.

If history is your thing, why not marvel at the Bayeux Tapestry? This unparalleled masterpiece dates back to the 11th Century and tells the unique story behind battles and conquests 1000 years ago! The Bayeux Tapestry Museum is one of countless captivating places to visit in Normandy.

And, if you’re wondering what’s the best month to visit Normandy, June to August promises the best weather. Make the most of the sun and take a tour along Cider Route though orchards, farmhouses, and picturesque French villages. One of the best cities to visit in Normandy is Rouen: explore its majestic medieval quarter with ancient winding streets on a walking tour that will transport you back in time. There is no better way to explore all that Normandy has to offer - an unforgettable experience await

Houses on the water in Normandy

What famous landmarks to see in Normandy?

Crossing the Channel with a ferry to France has long been the gateway to countless journeys of inspirations and exploration. The region is especially famous for being the site of the D-Day Landings during World War II, as well as being home to some of France's most magnificent cathedrals, including Rouen, Bayeux and Lisieux.

If you’re craving a holiday by the sea surrounded by natural beauty, Normandy is the place for you. Whether traveling with friends, with family or exploring solo, there is plenty to see and do, from exploring charming medieval villages to hiking through picturesque forests.

Gastro in Normandy

What is Normandy famous for?

Normandy is a region that truly celebrates delectable gastronomy! If you’re wondering what to eat and drink in Normandy, you will be spoiled for choice. There’s something for everyone, from the production of locally made cider, perry, apple juice and calvados (why not try this tour and tasting experience?) to its delectable shellfish. Not forgetting it was also where this delightful treat brioche originated from.

If you're looking for something really special, be sure to visit President Cheese Farm in the heart of Camembert. Check out their traditional cheese-making methods while you’re there too – an experience not to be missed during your stay here in Normandy's fabulous cuisine scene!

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