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Kings Day 2023

King’s day in Amsterdam

Kings Day 2023 - Boats in Amsterdam

What is King’s Day, and how is it celebrated in the Netherlands?

Koningsdag on 27 April, also known as King's Day, is one of the most exciting and colourful holidays celebrated in the Netherlands. This national holiday marks the birthday of the current King Willem-Alexander, where the streets and canals of major Dutch cities are transformed into a sea of orange as thousands of people take to the streets to celebrate!

There is something for everyone on King’s Day - from street markets and tasty food stalls, to live music and performances, the festive atmosphere is truly unique! People typically dress up in orange clothing and accessories to honour the royal family and show their national pride.

Overall, King’s Day is an incredible celebration that is not to be missed if you are in the Netherlands late April. The experience will allow you to connect with the country's rich history and culture, whilst having a great time with locals and tourists alike!

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Kings Day 2023 - Tompouce

Celebrate Like a Local: Top Traditional Food and Drinks for King’s Day

King’s Day is a time to indulge in traditional food and drinks in the Netherlands, whilst soaking up the energetic atmosphere of the festivities. If you want to experience classic Dutch foods and drinks during King’s Day, there are plenty of delicious treats to try.

One popular snack that's often enjoyed during King’s Day is the delectable 'tompoezen', flaky pastry squares layered with sweet cream and topped with bright orange frosting. A perfect snack to celebrate the King's birthday!

Beer is another traditional beverage that is also enjoyed during King’s Day. Why not try a cold 'Heineken' or 'Grolsch' beer to wash down your delicious snacks? And, for those with a sweet tooth, you must try the 'poffertjes', small and fluffy pancakes topped with powdered sugar and butter.

Visiting the Netherlands on King’s Day is a fantastic opportunity to experience and enjoy traditional Dutch food and drinks. So, why not celebrate the King's birthday in style, and join in with the festivities!

Kings Day 2023 - Celebration

From Parades to Markets: Discover the Traditions of King’s Day Celebrations

Amsterdam during King’s Day is an amazing experience that you won't want to miss! The city comes alive with thrilling events that are sure to capture your attention and leave you with some unforgettable memories.

One of Amsterdam's most popular King’s Day traditions is the orange flea market that stretches across the city. Here, you'll find locals selling all sorts of items from clothing and toys to antiques and snacks. It's a unique opportunity to spot some Dutch treasures and experience the buzzing energy of Amsterdam.

You can also enjoy various live music concerts, ranging from jazz to pop and electronic dance music. In neighbourhoods such as Jordaan and De Pijp, you can witness authentic Dutch street parties, complete with traditional dancing and music.
For those seeking a truly unforgettable experience, head over to Amsterdam's canals, where you will find decorated boats parading through the waterways.

These are just a few of the exciting events and activities that await during King’s Day in Amsterdam. Come and celebrate with the locals to experience the authentic and vibrant Dutch culture at its best!

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