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Skeikampen Norway -  Photocredit Geir Olsen

Active holiday in Gudbrandsdalen

Espedalen VisitLillehammer photo Ian Brodie
Rafting at Sjoa in Norway -  VisitLillehammer  - Photocredit GoRafting
Hiking at Hafjell in Norway - photo Alpinco

Everything from hiking to cycling and rafting - activities for the whole family

Hafjell, Kvitfjell and Skeikampen in the lower part of Gudbrandsdalen are known for their ski destinations that attract tourists from near and far throughout the winter. But did you know that all three locations are great year-round destinations for families who love outdoor activities?

Whether you are for the raw nature experiences from the bike seat, get your feet wet in magical Norwegian nature, feel the pulse rise by rafting in rough river currents or spend the day in a family park, a family holiday in Gudbrandsdalen will be an unforgettable experience for both young and old . It does not matter if you live on Kvitfjell, Skeikampen or Hafjell. The destinations and all the activities are just a car ride away from each other, and no matter where you live you will encounter a sea of exciting experiences when you walk out the door.

Hiking Skeikampen Norway VisitLillehammer photo Esben Haakenstad


The Norwegian mountains are perfect for hiking. And there is nothing that beats a hike in the magnificent Norwegian nature.

In Gudbrandsdalen you can experience everything from easy hikes to strenuous mountain hikes in hilly terrain. Common to Skeikampen, Hafjell and Kvitfjell is that there is a large selection of trips with varying degrees of difficulty, and you are guaranteed to find a path that suits the needs of the whole family. On many of the trips there are also good fishing lakes and idyllic bathing places with opportunities for grilling and playing.

In Hafjell you can take the gondola up the mountain and continue the trip from there, or just take a trip with the gondola as an experience in itself.

Visit UT.no and get more advice for hiking in the area.

Lilleputthammer - VisitLillehammer photocredit Esben Haakenstad

Lilleputthammer and Hafjell playground

Lilleputthammer is a miniature version of Storgata in Lillehammer in the 1930s built on a scale of 1: 4. In the small town, children can ride trains, cars and carousels, Ferris wheels and slides or speed up Olas Frøhopp. They can frolic in climbing towers, obstacle course, bouncy castles and trampolines.

Lilleputthammer's nearest neighbor is Hafjell playground. This is one of Norway's largest indoor playgrounds with an area of approx. 900 sqm. Here the children can jump, crawl, climb, balance, glide and explore obstacle courses and litter boxes.

Canoeing in Espedalen - visitlillehammer photocredit Ian Brodie

Canoeing, dog sledding or climbing?

There is no shortage of activities in Gudbrandsdalen, and if you have enough holidays you can experience a little of everything! Central in Lillehammer is a new and modern climbing center, Tyrili Climbing Center, which offers vertical experiences for both young and old.
Tyrili climbing center

If you would rather be outside, you can explore nature from the water by renting a canoe at Thon Austlid Fjellstue. At Skeikampen there is a lot of water that is suitable for canoeing.
Canoe rental

Another activity you have hardly tried before is dog sledding where you are pulled by eager Alaska Huskies. You get your own team and drive yourself with a guide in front.
Dog sledding

"Trolls" at Hunderfossen Norway -  Visitlillehammer  - Photocredit Ian Brodie


Hunderfossen Adventure Park is one of Norway's most visited tourist attractions in the summer. There are more than 60 attractions and sights for the whole family. Experience the magical fairytale castle. Take an airy ride on the Il Tempo Extra Gigante roller coaster, greet the giant Hunderfossen troll and drive down violent waterfalls.

The particularly calm and cozy atmosphere in the park means that both children, grandparents and grandchildren thrive together here.

Bob in Lillehammer - Norway - VisitLillehammerAS photo Esben Haakenstad


Do you want an adrenaline kick and an experience of the rare? Yes, then you should try Lillehammer Olympic Bob and Tobogganing, an activity at the Olympic level!

Fasten yourself, pull the spool down and feel your stomach turn. With the wheel bob you can reach a speed of 100 km / h! This is fun for the whole family and guaranteed to be an experience you will remember for many, many years.

The age limit is 10 years with guardian and 12 years without guardian.

Rafting in Sjoa - Norway -  VisitLillehammer  - Photocredit GoRafting

River rafting

Sjoa is known as Norway's and one of the world's best rafting rivers, and if you go there you get an epic, action-packed and rough nature experience.

Rafting is suitable for most people who like speed and fun, from the slightly older children and up. At Sjoa, they offer tours for all ages, from quieter family trips to more hectic and wild trips. It is also possible to try your hand at canyoning, river boarding and many other exciting activities.

Sjoa is 1 - 1.5 hours drive from Hafjell, Kvitfjell and Skeikampen.

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