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Scotland is simultaneously at the forefront of European culture, while maintaining a historical lineage apparent in the ancient cityscapes. The landscapes, always sublime and often Jurassic, take up most of Scotland, which remains mainly untouched to this day. Here are our top 5 destinations in this diverse and eclectic country.

Edinburgh Castle


The Scottish capital, Edinburgh, is home to a unique natural and cultural heritage. Edinburgh blends old and new, with the historic old town, Royal Mile and castle on one side, and the new town, with its grandoise architecture and high street shopping, on the other. Each year, music, comedy and literature are celebrated at annual festivals, including the Edinburgh International Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. There is also the world-famous New Year party, the Hogmanay.

Isle of Skye
Skye, Scotland

Isle of Skye

Less than 6 hours from Edinburgh by car, this island in North West Scotland is a must-see. Wilderness enthusiasts will particularly appreciate the Jurassic Scottish landscapes. Follow the Quiraing Walk where views include the wild northern seas, serene lochs and endless green landscapes. The lengthy ascent gives way to spectacular scenes, so pack a picnic to enjoy at the top of the peaks. Visit the ethereal Fairy Pools, a collection of vibrantly blue and green waterfalls. A walk around the impressive cascades at Kilt Rock is also recommended.

Scottish Highlands

The Highlands

The Highlands offer some of the most spectacular, seemingly endless, landscapes in Europe. The winding roads that meander through rolling hillsides and striking mountain ranges make for the ultimate outdoor road trip.
The UK’s highest peak, Ben Nevis, can be found in the Scottish Highlands, reaching an impressive height of 1300m. Pass through Fort William, the gateway to Ben Nevis, and stop off at the West Highland Museum for an insight into the history of the region, We also recommend a walk to the beautiful Loch Ness, not far from Inverness, to see if you can spot the Loch Ness Monster.

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