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Getting to know Karlshamn

The city of Karlshamn, meaning "The Port of the King" was built in the 7th century. Located in south-east Sweden, it's known as the "Swedish Garden" because of its beautiful nature. Karlshamn is a small city and can be explored by simply cycling. There's a fortress called the Kastellet, which has a museum where you can discover the history of the city or enjoy an art exhibition. Folk art lovers will enjoy Blekinge, where over 20 craftsmen create souvenirs such as jewellery or traditional tableware. One of city’s oldest building, 'The Fisherman’s Hut', is also worth visiting. Visit Glasgården in Mörrum for some beautiful art made of glass. And finally, the Karlshamn Cultural Quarter is the best way to learn about the city’s culture.

Karlshamn - Kreativum Science Centre

Places to visit

Kreativum Science Centre A unique Science and Entertainment Centre in Sweden, great for schools and families. Visit for for a very informative day, full of new discoveries.

Laxens hus Salmon House Located 10 km from Karlshamn, this is paradise for every fisherman. Here you’ll find perfect conditions for salmon fishing as well the opportunity to visit the salmon museum.

Kastellet - Island fortress Also known as the Citadel, this island is just outside the harbour and is a great choice for a day trip. The fortifications of the island were built in the 17th century to defend Sweden from Danish attacks.


Eating, shopping and nightlife

Enjoy a delicious meal at Gourmet Gron buffet restaurant, choose from a large selection of beer and food at Harrys Pub & Restaurant or enjoy a pizza at Kopmannagarden restaurant.

Those who love fishing can shop equipment at: ABU - shop - Anglers shop Svängsta. For clothing, souvenirs and housewares simply head to the city centre for many options (ICA, LIDL, NETTO).

The Effekt club is the centre of nightlife in Karlshamn. Here you can dine, drink and dance. You can also spend time in the casino. For a more relaxed night out, Restaurant & Pub Loch Ness is a Scottish-style sports bar broadcasting all major sports events.

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