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Karlskrona: Swedish Venice


Planning a trip to Karlskrona

Located 60 kilometres east of Karlshamn, Karlskrona looks like Vernice. The city has 33 islands and was nominated a world heritage site by UNESCO. It is the sunniest place across the Swedish southern coast and all islands are worth visiting by a boat that runs regularly from the Maritime Museum.

Karlskrona means "Carl's Crown" in honour of the town's founder, King Carl XI. The city was built in 1660 when the Royal Navy had to be moved from Stockholm to Karlskrona.

The Baroque architecture and many ancient military buildings also make this city unique. Despite its small size (with just 35,000 overall population) Karlskrona has so much history, architecture and uniqueness to offer.

Karlskrona - fountain

What to see

Amiralitetsparken park is a great opportunity for nature lovers to explore the southern Swedish flora. You’ll find over 20 tree species, a clock tower and the ruins of an old fortress.

The magnificent 'Augerums kyrka' church with white interior and exterior will appeal to architectural lovers. Various Swedish public figures were buried here.

Boda-Borg amusement park is a great place for families. In this park computer games are turned into reality with teams of 3-5 people using both their knowledge and physical abilities to complete various missions.

Fredrikskyrkan church is known as the most beautiful building in the city. The construction lasted 24 years and is one of the best examples of Baroque architecture in Sweden. There are 35 bells in the church that ring 3 times a day.

Drottningskärs Kastell on the island of Aspo, is the fortress that was used for city’s defence and now exhibits ancient Swedish artillery.

Karlskrona - Karl XI statue

Karlskrona Old Town and Bjømholm street

Karlskrona and Klaipėda have close cultural ties, so it is no surprise that Klaipeda square - Klaipedaplatsen - can be found in the heart of Karlskrona's old town. From here, you can easily access Stortorget Square, well-known for its founder Carl XI’s statue and the churches Tyska and Frederick. The Frederick church is known for its amazing 35 bells that ring up to 3 times a day. Lovers of military history are welcome to visit Kungsholms Forte, one of the old fortifications in southern Sweden, built in 1680.

Bjømholm street with many colourful fishing houses is a perfect spot for a romantic stroll.

Karlskrona - museum

Maritime Museum

When visiting the Maritime Museum, you’ll be enriched with the great Swedish history, explore a submarine, a military ship and schooner. Entry to the museum is free but guided group tours cost 1200 SEK (130 EUR). Opening times 10.00 to 16.00 Tuesday to Sunday (closed on Monday).

Address: The Naval Museum, Stumholmen, Karlskrona. More information here

Karlskrona - architecture

Eating, shopping and nightlife in Karlskrona

Utkiken Restaurant is a buffet-style restaurant offering a wide range of traditional Swedish specialties. The Fox and Anchor bar has a wide assortment of Swedish beer while Italian restaurant Michelangelo offers gourmet cuisine and is ideal for a snack.

For shopping lovers, the city centre is your best spot, with over 200 shops for souvenirs and clothes. There are also 2 large shopping centres: Affärshuset Kronan - also known as the Karlskrona Fashion House and the Wachtmeister Galleria, which has about 30 different shops. Both shopping centres are open from 10am to 6pm Mondays to Fridays and 10am to 4pm on Saturdays.

When it comes to night life there are a few clubs such as Harrys Sliver and the ultra-modern Statt Nattklubb & Schlagerbar as well as a cinema themed bar called Biobaren.

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